CliffyB says goodbye to Gears of War

Clifford Bleszinski has now said in his blog that he's done being the lead designer of Gears of War. Why? Well, the games pretty much complete, other than debugging and shipping. He wasn't fired, or 'let go'. He's just done with it. He also says in his blog that he can't confirm or deny if GoW has gone gold or not.

CliffyB, like a lot of Xbox 360 teams creating software has tried to stay as close to the community as possible. He's always been known to be real and he seems to try to leave the thinnest layer of bullshit as possible. People have really noticed, and most people who read what he says or watches videos of what his thoughts are seem to like him.

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Smellslikepie4473d ago

Gears of War HAS gone gold. Cliffy B let it slip in this weeks podcast. It wasn't like an announcement, it was more of a .. well.. this is what he said...

CLIFFY B: "Well, up until even just a few weeks before shipping there's little things that drop in place that can make a difference -"

MAJOR NELSON: "Give me one example"

CLIFFY B "Ok. Well, I mean, just the final boss, we actually figured out, just about a week before we went gold that he was too hard to beat, even on 'casual'"

There you go, confirmation by Cliffy B that Gears of War has gone gold.

kmis874473d ago

I wonder what's next for ol' Cliffy B?

TheXgamerLive4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

This will turn the XMAS season on it's ear this year, people will buy the console just to play GoW.

Didn't Cliffy B., speak breifly about another new project to some degree about 2 weeks ago in an interview?

Damn, it's good to be an Xbox 360 owner.

PS360PCROCKS4473d ago

Yea he's real and does a great job, I mean look at this, if this is the bar he is setting for the industry, he's a savior

malachi234473d ago

If i had the chance i would just like to say "Thankyou cliffyb for GOW"

because i KNOW this game is going to be GREAT!