Wii U E3 demos at Best Buy continued a new marketing approach, Nintendo says


Nintendo brought four of the upcoming Wii U titles it showcased at E3 — Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze — to more than 100 Best Buy locations across North America earlier this month, and a Nintendo representative told Polygon this week that the event was a smashing success. But it was just one part of the company's multifaceted approach to marketing, a philosophy that's tailored to individual audiences and specific games.

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PopRocks3591991d ago

I really liked this approach. I'd rather play the games as oppose to watching presentations of them.

-Mika-1991d ago

I disagree. I think this approach is bad. I, for one couldn't experience the best buy game preview because it wasn not available in my area. I live in NYC and there wasn't 1 best buy hosting the WiiU event.

Second, I find it pathetic for someone to travel all the way to a best buy just to play a game. It just really silly to me.

I personally think developers should just put demos up of these games on PSN and XBL just for the duration of the E3 event and then delete or lock out users from accessing them.

PopRocks3591991d ago

If you live in NYC you could have just gone to the Nintendo World store... -_-;;

Pathetic, eh? I suppose that makes it pathetic to go to a store to buy video games too?

-Mika-1991d ago

I didn't know this. From what I read online, Nintendo only was promoting this promotion fir best buy locations only and again I would not want to travel to the nintendo store just to play a few demos of some games.

Second, those are two completely different things. Buying a game that im going to keep forever is completely different than a playing a demo at best for 30mins or less.

gamer421991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I think this approach is great! The reason E3 demos aren't on the digital store for download is because these games aren't complete. They may contain a glitch or a bug that could potentially damage the system. But I do believe they should have had more stores doing this, so they wouldn't have been so crowded and was more available to everyone.

thezeldadoth1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

so showing games at a presentation as well as putting it in stores for gamers to play is somehow worse than just having an e3 presentation? quit being a troll

obviously theres a lot of people without wii u, they're trying to bring in more customers, releasing it on eshop instead isn't going to help that.

live2play1991d ago

how is it bad?

if you didn't go thats your deal

yea ofcourse it would be better to have them as download in the eshop, no one would argure that.

but how can this be bad?

unless youre just bitter or something idk

i traveled 140 miles to try them out, with my wife and daughter. we spent fathers day out of town, stayed at a nice hotel, ate dinner in a new place... so to me it wasn't stupid.

Zhipp1991d ago

lmfao! How can I take you seriously when you post stuff like this? I mean, my God!

N4g_null1991d ago

Mika you read the wrong Internet sites way too much. Misinformation is working against you man. 90% of gaming media is fud now.

BullyMangler1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

you: I find it pathetic for someone to travel all the way to a best buy just to play a game. It just really silly to me.

Me: a gamer gots to do what a gamer gots to do.

why you always upset? . cheer up and watch sony and the rest follow the leaders while they display similar events in the future.

and i agree, demos should be downloadable, but not for free <

Tong1991d ago

The Best Buys demos are for people who do not have a WiiU to try idiot. It's not for WiiU owners.

Donnieboi1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

I live in NYC and there are plenty of Best Buys. Stop lying Mika.

Also like Poprocks said, you can go to the Nintendo store in Times Square.

They do major events there all the time (I was even there when Miyamoto was signing autographs for the Wii 1 release (but I couldn't get signature because the line went all the way around Rockafeller center and even around the ice rink).

Triforce0791991d ago

Seriously get a life its better to play than watch.

trenso11991d ago

If you live in NYC getting to the nintendo is not even a hassle the E train goes right to Rockefeller center and that train can be easily transferred to by other trains especially on 42nd street. Secondly how are you such a gamer live in NYC and didn't know about Nintendo world?

jcnba281990d ago

There were playable demos at the Nintendo World Store in the middle of NYC! Do a bit of research before you comment.

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manaxknight11991d ago

the fact that nintendo did this, puts them closer to the consumer and spreads the e3 experience to everyone who cant be there. i definitely enjoyed sure sony and microsuck will follow suit..

SilentNegotiator1991d ago

"im sure sony and microsuck will follow suit"

It helps if the systems are out...PS3/360 stands exist in Bestbuys, you know. And they often have demos of games not out yet.

TheEvilWithin1991d ago

I thought it was awesome. Don't care what anyone says. Getting a chance to play upcoming Nintendo tittles at ANY store is way better then just sitting on the couch and being shown them. Plus I got a free gold Luigi coin and other free swag for what driving 15 min. Plus it was fun standing in line and talking to other Nintendo fans about the upcoming Nintendo games and bashing the Xbox 1 lol

310dodo1991d ago

"Plus it was fun standing in line and talking to other Nintendo fans about the upcoming Nintendo games and bashing the Xbox 1 lol"

wow. thats lame

akaihana86plus1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Nintendo did the right thing by choosing some Best Buy locations and let people try their games, when i was there i was hearing great comments about it and even saw some costumers buying a few consoles, well done big N, i'm pretty sure their efforts will pay off :)

P.S. Pikmin 3 around the corner!!!!!!! ♥ :3

Kevlar0091991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Letting people who don't have WiiU's try out upcoming games is a great promotion. While only 100 locations across 50 states doesn't give much leeway. when you take into account Nintendo was the only one doing this you can't really argue too much.

Supposedly they were pretty popular (at least the ones mentioned here) and while we can't say they were all new potential customers, maybe a few people think differently of the WiiU (or learned about it for the first time)

I sadly didn't take advantage of the event, maybe they will do more throughout the year, not just around E3. Nintendo has a lot of work to get WiiU's to sell, hopefully this is one positive step in the right direction.

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