Welsh Games Column: Farringdon Lane

He’s not Indiana Jones, nor is he James Bond. He’s Farringdon Lane: full of 80′s flair, charm and style and he’s got a serious case of Alien Mind Terrors to contend with.

Expansive got to spend some time with this exciting little game at its very early stages and also meet its creator, retro enthusiast and HTML5 extraordinaire, Dan Bridge.

Dan Bridge is a passionate, retro gamer. He spent a good chunk of his early days playing through Atari 800, Spectrum and Amiga games and learned many life lessons from them. While kids of today get their education from Call Of Duty, World of Warcraft and Trials, he got his kicks from titles such as Rick Dangerous, Turrican, Pitfall and Metal Slug.

Fortunately for everyone born in that era, Dan and his team, Warpdrive Video Entertainment, are intending to celebrate all four of those titles with Farringdon Lane and the Vault of Alien Mind Terrors.

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