In Metal Gear Solid V, the player can choose between life and death for certain characters

Metal Gear Solid V's story will adapt to the choices of the player. In an interview Kojima shed some light on how the freedom in the game works.

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dedicatedtogamers2030d ago

Metal Gear with a branching storyline? Hmm, veeeery interesting. It'll be interesting to see how leaving a person alive (or killing them) affects the outcome of certain events.

ThatCanadianGuy5142030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Not really all that impressive.I mean, this is all prequel stuff.We already know the outcomes to the major characters.

Just the new characters they introduce will benefit from this.Meh, who knows.Hopefully they do it right, make it impactful and make the outcomes ripple effect throughout the story.

HammadTheBeast2030d ago

Is this before or after Peace Walker?

Donnieboi2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )


If you actually played the last few MGS games, you would see that [almost] everything that we've ever been told about Big Boss is a lie. The point of the prequels is to tell the story from Big Boss's perspective. The story isn't really confined by what we have already been told. For example, we were never told about Dr. Strangelove, Chico, Amanda, Paz, Eva, Cobra Unit, etc in MGS 1,2, or 4...but when we play MGS Peace Walker and MGS 3, we see that there is so much that Solid Snake was never told about his father.

Even when Snake meets his father again in MGS4, we know that Big Boss is a compassionate person--not at all a monster like the story of MGS 1 makes him out to be. Although, he still claims to have made some grave mistakes.

So now we are getting the truth, which probably only has bits and pieces of what we already know will happen.

No FanS Land2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

much after, Peace Walker is set in 1974 . And MGSV is set in 1975 (ground zeroes) and 1984 (phantom pain)

@Donnieboi. I don't think actually that Kojima had the whole Metal gear world completely penned when he wrote and designed the first MG and MGS. It's maybe later in 2001 up to 2003 he realized he needed to tell what happened before MG, MG2 and MGS1,2.

Because really, Sigint being the Darpa chief? That one really put me off. That was making a modern day link for the sake of making a link.

When you play the games in order of release you see that many plots or backstory are purposely left out so Kojima could develop if he wants and at the same time, he can avoid Deux ex machinas.

I think the best example is Raiden, the character was only created because Kojima feared MGS fans would get too identified with Solid Snake, he wanted to stress out that you live the MG universe, and not only Solid Snake's lifetime. and look how the storyline is with Raiden, in the events of MGS4 and MG:R (also between both MGS2 and MGS4. Sometimes I do wonder how MGS2 ,fictional 2009 and later would have played out.

Nyxus2030d ago

It reminds me of MGS1, where Meryl could live or die, resulting in different endings. But maybe it will be more like Portable Ops, where you could choose to kill or spare a boss, and he would join your ranks if you let him live.

joe902030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

i like the sound of it creating multiple play throughs but i am sure it will restart to last the checkpoint when you cause a time paradox,

did anyone shoot Ocelot after the first cut scene with him when he is dazed on the floor in MGS3, you created a time paradox and put you back to the last save.

ill play as i feel for the first play through then TranQ and CQC as many on my second in hope of getting as many extras and easter eggs as i can.

first1NFANTRY2030d ago

it probably won't have any major effect on the main ending. MGS has always ended with a blockbuster chase scene.


MGS1 - liquid
MGS2 - solidus
MGS3 - volgan
MGS4 - ocelot
MGS5 - yet to be seen

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Welcome2Die2030d ago

thats kind of lame, I think it takes away from the story...
And Im the kind of person that goes on Metal Gear Wiki alot so what is it gonna say for some of the characters officially?

NihonjinChick2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

I think most of the changes will be for minor characters. This a prequel and we already know what's going to happen to most of the characters. The story has to fit that.

Most of the changes will probably be minor.

NatureOfLogic2030d ago (Edited 2030d ago )

Have you not downloaded the MGS4 database? Even minor characters have a deep back story, and data explains what becomes of most of them. I've spent hours going through that database and you'll be surprised to find out how much thought goes into even the minor characters in MGS. Like the generations of Johnny's in MGS. Kojima connects everyone he possibly can in the series.

Soldierone2030d ago

Core characters won't change. It will probably be like Peace Walker where you get a squad and instead of brainless drones like other games, you get actual characters that can live or die.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2030d ago

Really? No "youve created a time paradox" stuff huh?

theWB272030d ago

I cant wait to see more of this game. Love open world. Also like the idea of certain characters being able to die. Adds a lot of replay to me.

PlayTheGameBro2030d ago

Can't wait to play this game on my PS4 !!!!

Zachmo1822030d ago

Same here man, I can't wait to play this. Just mine will be on the Xbox One.

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