Microsoft Confirms: No Longer Charging Developers For Xbox Updates

Microsoft is no longer requiring developers to pay a fee to patch Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade games, after dropping their earlier policy that placed a hefty sum on game updates.

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xHeavYx1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I wonder if they won't charge for updates on the Xbox One either (the tweet only mentions the 360), but hey, that's a start. Now how about self-publishing now?

BattleTorn1965d ago

Issue delt with - now onto the next.

MikeMyers1964d ago

"now onto the next."

You're right.

1. Remove mandatory Kinect
2. Lower price
3. Have better and more exclusives
4. Add a touchpad to the controller
5. Change RAM to match the PS4
6. Fix controller to match dualshock 4
7. Removes Microsoft's involvement totally from the Xbox One and get another company behind it.

Then maybe just maybe we may start actually liking the system.

vallencer1964d ago


So basically you just want it to be a PS4?? That doesn't make sense. If you want a PS4 just buy a Ps4 i don't want two systems that area exactly the same and the controller is all preference as i don't like the sony controllers. i also DO NOT want a touchpad on my controller I happen to think that is one of the dumb ideas that has come up with next gen systems. The price i can agree with and the mandatory kinect i can agree with that too and hell the RAM as well but everything else no just no.

Keep in mind that i will eventually get a PS4 regardless of the fact that i don't like some of the things they've done but Sony makes good games so i won't deny myself the ability to play good games.

1964d ago
HammadTheBeast1964d ago

Now as you can see on the right of the N4G tour bus, we have two Xbots Mike Myers and Dope crying about how PS4 is popular.

SilentNegotiator1964d ago

It's meaningless with indie devs until they drop the no self-publishing thing.

So they need to get on to that issue. Now.

Qrphe1964d ago

"So basically you just want it to be a PS4?? That doesn't make sense."

It doesn't make sense because it STILL wouldn't have KZ Shadowfall regardless of how much Microsoft Netherlands would want it to be.

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SIX1964d ago

They actually did this?! Lol!

LOGICWINS1965d ago

Great, now devs I'll be even lazier and wait till post release to fix issues that should've been fixed pre-launch.

gamer421965d ago

Are you serious? Free patching will mean that legitimate problems that they missed can be fixed easier and faster than with MS's old policy. We won't have another fez where the dev refuses to fix a glitch, because of monetary issues.

Cmk01211965d ago

They already allowed one free patch , if your game needs more than one patch after that , says something about their development process IMO

XtraTrstrL1965d ago

@ Cmk0121, That's not really a fair assessment. There's always a chance of some issues with a patch, especially if the 1st patch isn't mainly to fix issues, but to add more features and content. Devs shouldn't have that pressure over their heads that if they miss one thing, that they will be doomed. I remember Dungeon Defenders having issues, and they took forever to fix them, because they wanted to add everything into one patch, so they wouldn't have to pay some insane amount of $$$.

Tres211965d ago

personally 2 me some devs do seem lik they're more worried about getting there game out quickly & letting the players test them lik a beta while they work on dlc but also its not lik its the ole skool nes days where if a game was really messed up u had 2 send it in 2 get a working copy so its just a hange in time u can look at it both ways

Why o why1965d ago

Glass half empty......

How about devs now being encouraged to get updates out to fix inevitable bugs quicker as there's no cost barrier to consider.

Outside_ofthe_Box1964d ago

Glass half empty is how he views the world, hence all his comments usually gearing toward the negative.

solidjun51964d ago

"Glass half empty is how he views the world, hence all his comments usually gearing toward the negative. "

you ain't lying there. He must not have. He purposely tries to be a contrarian.

SilentNegotiator1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

More "Look at teh benefits!" from future Xbone gamers? Shocker.

Stop drinking PR koolaid that they AREN'T EVEN SERVING ANYMORE.

Timesplitter141965d ago

MS changing everything about their console is pretty hilarious

thezeldadoth1965d ago

and it will be a much better product when it releases

Why o why1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

True. We shouldn't moan about the things they do wrong yet complain when they right them. We cant have it both ways.

Its amusing to watch, don't get me wrong but what's more amusing is those fans defending ms's policies so staunchly only for ms to make a few u turns/changes, leaving the defenders looking like muppets.

Timesplitter141965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

That much is true. However, MS is turning the X1 into an exact PS4 replica. There are hardly any differences left except that MS does not allow self publishing and X1 comes with an obligatory expensive camera.

Sony already has a massive lead due to E3. If MS comes up with a product that is exactly the same as their competitors but with a few downsides, coupled with the fact that people are still left with a bad impression from E3, their chances of coming out on top are slim

thezeldadoth1964d ago

at the disagrees above, tell me how it won't be a better product lol

SniperControl1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Damit, replied to the wrong piece. Lol
@Legreffer below
Ermm no, that article is an opinion piece from an IGN staffer not actual fact.

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Cmk01211965d ago

If they didn't you'd surely complain, Sony did as well. It's already out there Sony adjust there policies because of microsofts backlash, removed camera to make price lower and upgraded to the ram they had last minute...but that's not worth talking about right ?? What a joke

Timesplitter141965d ago

I'd like to see your sources for the removal of the camera.

Why o why1965d ago

He will have no source other than conjecture. Of course a camera included version would be considered by those at the helm. Judging by the packaging that we've all seen, it seems sony always had a camera-less ps4 in mind. They've also seemed to have made bundles with the camera, giving customers a choice.

SniperControl1964d ago

Also like to see your sources about the last minute ram upgrade.

SniperControl1964d ago

Ermm no, that article is an opinion piece from an IGN staffer not actual fact.

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sAVAge_bEaST1964d ago

Wait 'till they start firing people, that's always good for moral,. and high spirits, right before a launch.. fun times.

titletownrelo1964d ago

you can tell SONY is leading the way in terms of policies, M$ is backtracking on months of work just to follow what SONY is doing, lol.

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Yeezus1965d ago

Yea keep leading the way Sony! Microsost trying to follow

Cmk01211965d ago

You like a rapper who has a song called I am god, validity of anything you say GONE sir

Yeezus1964d ago

You like a company that only care about your money, sir.

pixelsword1965d ago

"Microsoft Confirms: No Longer Charging Developers For Xbox Updates"

They just have to pay the "no charging a fee" fee.

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