Microsoft tightens its grip on the Xbox One, with new rules for developers

"Microsoft walked back on restrictive provisions it had put in place for the sale and distribution of new games for the Xbox One, but now it’s added a new rule that limits developer access to Kinect."

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Utalkin2me2959d ago

What is embarrassing is how MS likes to nickel and dime everyone.

r1sh122959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

MS need to sack don and get someone like peter moore back, he was passionate about gaming.
Don mattrick is making decisions that are clearly hurting MS - its like he has not understood how DRM was a massive bullet in the foot.
Kinect as a mandatory for the X1 is also another missile in the foot, and now not opening up that particular part of the platform to get better by 'hackers' and stay at home devs.

Man Ive lost all confidence in MS, they need to pay peter moore some stupid money to come back to save this situation, Don has destroyed any good work that has been done.

JokesOnYou2959d ago

Wait so keeping something proprietary that you've spent a ton of R&D money on is now evil...whats wrong with paying micro to use something they created?...or use another motion camera...or make your own but don't cry because a business isn't giving you something for free.

Utalkin2me2959d ago


First off i would like to know how you get me crying out of my statement. Or maybe i hit a nerve cause i am speaking the truth, so you felt the need to act like a baby and try to justify you comment by so called "throwing salt in the wounds".

There is no wounds here. I don't buy Ms products and will never buy MS products period, going forward. I was making a comment on a common business practice that MS likes to do in all aspects of their divisions and not just the xbox one.

nosferatuzodd2958d ago

When you think about it, this is actually in response to the “spying” accusations. If only licensed developers can use the hardware, they can at least partially assure the world that it’s not being used for illicit purposes.

If just any third party can release a game that uses the Kinect, then it’s possible they could misuse it.

Microsoft’s PA office really needs to better explain this. Either that, or this site is misrepresenting the facts.

ShwankyShpanky2958d ago

@JOY: Did MS cancel some big Kinect giveaway? Because I would assume people would need to buy a Kinect to hack it or develop for it. Where is anyone asking to get something "for free?"

And that still doesn't address the lock-out of other third party peripherals.

SilentNegotiator2958d ago

More proof that Microsoft doesn't know what they're doing.

Seriously, putting the squeeze on indie devs in this day and age? REALLY? Right as indie development hits its stride?

guitarded772958d ago

@ r1sh12
Right on about firing Don... What they really need is some new blood in there. Some real devs with business sense to head up the place. Their iron fist mentality isn't going to cut it.

GrownUpGamer2958d ago

"What is embarrassing is how MS likes to nickel and dime everyone. "

What is embarrassing is how SONY likes to nickel and dime everyone.

What is embarrassing is how Samsung likes to nickel and dime everyone.

What is embarrassing is how Apple likes to nickel and dime everyone.

What is embarrassing is how Panasonic likes to nickel and dime everyone.

BattleAxe2958d ago

What they need is a Google or Sony executive to take over the Xbox division, because the mentality of the people that run that company is terrible.

thechowderp2958d ago

its not the fact we have to pay for stuff, but a lot of there stuff is crap. why would i pay for gold when it doesnt offer me anything, unlike ps plus? why would i buy a motion control gimmick when im never gonna use it? why would i buy an xbox one when i could get a ps4 $100 cheaper? why would i buy an xbox one when most of their "exclusives" are on pc? why would i get an xbox one if i already have a cable box?

GrownUpGamer2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Utalkin2me send me a private message with this:

"Some people like to nickel and dime consumers more then others. I don't have to name names cause we know. "

His comment is/was this: "What is embarrassing is how MS likes to nickel and dime everyone. "

My opinion is that should have been this: "What is embarrassing is how MS LIKE MANY OTHERS likes to nickel and dime everyone. "

Imalwaysright2958d ago

@ jokes. Kinect is hardware and when we buy its 100% our property. We have EVERY RIGHT to hack it as long as it isn't done with the sole purpose of doing something illegal. Now instead of buying we are licensing hardware and we can't claim ownership of the things we trade our money for.

Raoh2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

What is embarrassing is how MS likes to nickel and dime everyone.

LMFAO. What I find funny is for years I've been saying this and that once MS felt they won the console wars that their arrogance would surpass any of nintendo, sega or sony. I've been semi anti MS since well before the xbox was ever conceived and got called a hater. Now all those friends who called me a hater want to change the subject when I bring up the xbox.

Only the newer generation must be surprised, this has been Microsoft 101 for the past 20 years and probably longer.

With steam providing linux support for games I may just go PS4/Linux and drop windows all together finally.

The only reason they were nice to developers and gamers this gen was to shake the failure of the first xbox and beat sony so they could charge everyone for everything like they do with windows.

Syntax-Error2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I said the same thing a month ago. Don Mattrick is killing the brand. Peter Moore had more vision and appeal. Don needs to go. I dont want to Xbox fail, but this guy is making them look really bad to the public. I am actually buying an X1 and PS4 at a later date, but I am disappointed with the decisions he has made for the company so far. Phil Harrison is not that much better. He was the douche bag that launched the PS3 and you saw the negative publicity that received as well. Same scenario...overpriced forced to reduce price tag twice within a year. HORRIBLE VISION

combatcash2958d ago

@ utalkin2me

You state that you don't buy MS products so I'm not sure why you're commenting here since it doesn't affect you in any way. Most companies nickel and dime apple,Sony,Microsoft and so on it happens its another way for them to make extra money.

Mounce2958d ago

You think the Xbox Team are the kind of people who instantly pick up a penny once they see it on the ground and they start going: "MINNNENNE...MEINNEN MINE!! THE PRRECCCIOUUSS"

Sounds conceivable.

Kurylo3d2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

And the hits just keep on coming. I mean i gotta say microsoft really is a big joke. This guy is clearly one of those buisness guys who looks for every way to make money, but he doesnt look at the bigger picture. He doesn't realize that his ways of making money in fact make them lose money. He really is just arrogant as hell. Losing many many potential customers. If u wanna charge people to use kinnect which most people hack to do free stuff with.. not sell stuff with.. well then ur going to stop people from buying the kinnect all together. The free stuff was the reason to buy the kinnect. If it aint free to use then screw it.. u just lost money from potential purchases of the kinnect cause u decided it wasnt enough that they just buy it, they need to pay to use it. Dumbest buisness practice ive ever seen.

Have they not learned anything from apple? Apple only owns 10% of computer markets because they wanted to keep it all to themselves. Iphone is falling fast and falling hard.. record timing.. because apple wanted to keep it all to themselves and lock it up tight so u cant install whatever u want. At the end of the day if u dont learn from history you are doomed to repeat it. One of the things that made windows great was its open nature to developers... vs apples "all mine" mentality where you were forced to use apple OS. They are forgetting their roots.

NukaCola2957d ago

I remember when MS banned loyal xbox gamers after they modded the internal 360 fans to run faster because of overheating and that RROD issue. People who didn't want to buy a 2nd or 3rd console but stuck to the brand. Oh how MS screwed those people too. MS is a pretty terrible company at their heart.

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Why o why2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Its a pity for those who actually care. . . I'm not going to complain or act like I've been wronged because I give zero fs about kinect past not wanting it.

In regards to the 3rd party peripherals, its a shame but not surprising ms want to maximise profits.. They tend to overcharge because they know their customers have few alternatives. . . Just look at the hdd's as an example.. Its the ms way, nickel and dime dons

minimur122959d ago

I used to follow MS, im a PS gamer, but nevertheless I'm a gamer and follow gaming news. But I've given up on MS now, never visit their website unless their's something to blog about on their site. They've made a right fumble of themselves, and I can't believe there's still some fanboys out there supporting them.

You know, my friends MS fanboy arguement is
'Yeah, but MS had Bill Gates behind it, so therefore its great'
I reply with
'You may not have heard of him, but Shuhei Yoshida is the biggest G of all time.'

hellvaguy2959d ago

Ps4 is mandatory online charges. Vita has proprietary memory cards. They are all guilty of maximizing profits.

With that said, is MS more guilty of it than Sony? I'd say yes to that, but then you'd have to acknowledge both are more greedy Nintendo.

kewlkat0072959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Yes, Everybody tries to maximize profits in their own way...Sony, Nintendo, MS, Didn't Sony take away Linux for similar hacking reasons..

Tres212959d ago

kewlkat has a point when a company gets worried about some1 exploiting there product they take steps even a small company would & with everyone worried the kinect is gonna go all skynet on em its not really a surprise. i was kinda of excited tho 2 see what homebrew was gonna come from the new kinect tho cuz i saw some crazy thing i never thought of from it that i hoped would of gotten used in games but they may just make a new kinect 4 pcs so who knows heck even ms doesnt kno cuz they could change there minds later

YNWA962958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Minimur12, that is the most stupid thing I have ever heard. Are you that sad? These are what you people talk about? Shlt, you people need help. No hope with the ladies.... You idolize a person for this? Christ the future is bleak if it's people like you.... Good help us all, it's just video games.....

Gribblegrunger, well said, nice to see things as they are. Some comments here really shame all gamers, of both stripes.... Bubble for you, from someone who prefers Xbox, but buys all consoles...

SilentNegotiator2958d ago

You should care...since the Kinect is functionally ATTACHED the system.

Unless you don't care about the Xbox One itself.

Imalwaysright2958d ago

I don't want to hack kinect but this is MS telling us what we can or cannot do with our property. This is MS going after OUR rights AGAIN.

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LackTrue4K2959d ago

Now, you have to pay. The likelihood that the same awesome homebrewed artistic applications for Kinect 1 — the ones that made it a viral phenomenon and brought a ton of good press to Microsoft — will be developed for Kinect 2 is now basically nil. That’s the issue here.

slazer1012959d ago

Correct me if i am wrong but once there patent runs out on the kinect technology won't third parties be able to develop for it without MS permission? I don't know, that's why i am asking.

greenlantern28142959d ago

Unless they renew their patent.

Utalkin2me2959d ago

You have a patent for 5 years. And it is very very rare to get a patent renewal.

fermcr2959d ago

Honestly... it looks like Microsoft is intentionally trying to make the X1 fail.

MRMagoo1232958d ago

I really honestly dont think they need to try.

Elit3Nick2959d ago

I don't understand the negative response to this, the kinect is MS's product, they are simply preventing people from hacking it like they try to prevent people from hacking the xbox.

Utalkin2me2959d ago

Then why so expensive for the SDK kit for PC?

Elit3Nick2958d ago

Because it also contains the software necessary for the kinect to be implemented for developers.

ziggurcat2958d ago

once hackers get their hands on an xbone, they'll be able to hack it anyways, so...

GribbleGrunger2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

I'd call this spin to be honest. People keep talking about maximising profits as if that's the only possible reason. And yes, the PC version of Kinect is more expensive, giving MS a better revenue stream from enthusiasts. But the one thing that I'm seeing overlooked here (and probably because people just want to be negative) is the fact people were worried that others could hack the Kinect and spy on you. For me, this is why MS have done this. It makes it more difficult for such a scenario.

I'm a Sony fan just trying to keep it real

vikingland12959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

That's a good point about spying.

Captain Qwark 92959d ago

My bad, I hit disagree but meant agree. Everyone on the net just complains about everything ms. If they fuck up, they complain. If they fix it, they complain. If they take a step in the right direction, they complain.

Hicken2959d ago

That was a stronger point when the system needed a frequent connection. Now that the system no longer needs that, the spying issue is really rather irrelevant(not that it couldn't still happen, but it's far less likely).

GribbleGrunger2958d ago

@Hicken: Regardless of that dact, it makes sense for MS to put peoples minds at rest on such an issue. Come on people, you all know by now where my loyalties are (although I consider that an odd word to use to be honest) but we can't just shoe-horn every damned piece of MS news into a negative category. It devalues anything we say when we DO have what we consider a legitimate gripe.

ShwankyShpanky2958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

Apple likes to keep things proprietary too.

slazer1012958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

@GribbleGrunger. I agree with your logic about MS reasons for making it more difficult for hackers. But one issue I think people over look is that they should not be worried about MS spying on you but the American government. All data if any they keep from the kinect can be subpoenaed by the secret court of the NSA under the Patriot Act. I don't think MS would spy on there customers. But the US government would. All they have to do is label you a terrorist. And yes I live in the US. If anyone thinks it could not happen is naive.

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Garbanjo0012959d ago

I am getting tired of these articles, everything MS does is just stupid. PS4 all the way, give me FF15, GT6, GTA 5, The Last of Us, Destiny and I'm set.

YNWA962959d ago

When PS3 was hacked, Sony threatened all out war on hackers. MS simply say Kinect is not an open unit no more. You tell me which is more evil? Oh, but Microsoft is pure evil, I get it with you loser fanboys...

HugoDrax2958d ago

Exactly! Just like Sony fanboys say "Screw MS give me Destiny" hilarious how all of a sudden Bungie is such a great company, but if Destiny was MS exclusive Sony fanboys wouldn't care for it lol. Fanboys are such a joke lol.

CrossingEden2958d ago

wait wait, so not allowing hackers to hack your device is what passes as embarrassing, they don't want random people hacking it and made it more accessible -_- wow, so terrible

CRAIG6672958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

How exactly, if anything it's to make sure every tom, dick and harry don't exploit kinect for inappropriate uses.

TBONEJF2958d ago

It's too late anyway what's the point when everyone got SOO TICKED off at them with their expensive price tag THEY don't support USED GAMES

Cueil2958d ago

this article is effing stupid... the connection on the Kinect 2.0 for the Xbone isn't USB 3.0 that 399 is for the Kinect 2.0 for Windows with the SDK software... people are stupid

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BrunoM2959d ago

It looks like gamer input and people in general actually did make Microsoft change a lot when it comes to their policies and how they go about them ..


-SIXAXIS-2958d ago

Yeah it made them change their used game policy, but they just restricted smaller developers even more than before by denying them access to Kinect...

1trillindividual2958d ago

I think they want somebody to hack it, then give them a job to learn how to use it or make it better, the government does stuff like this all the time. Even Google paid somebody 1M to hack it so they can make their services better

EPiCDiNGO2959d ago

I am so upset that Microsoft are doing this. I will not support this company any longer and I have been a 7 year member of Xbox live and play the console almost daily.

maniacmayhem2959d ago (Edited 2959d ago )

Why are you upset? Did you plan on hacking the new Kinect?

vikingland12959d ago

The down side is since Kinect comes with every Xbox One Hackers won't buy Xbox One. Just kidding I think MS has the right to protect their investment that they paid for.

EPiCDiNGO2959d ago

It is not me who would be using the Kinect but the way they are not allowing third party developers to do things with it. Look at the iPhone when it come out with the basic applications it was nothing ground breaking imo and then once they allowed third party devs to release things on the app store only then did we start to developers making innovative applications to use the features of the phone.

InTheLab2959d ago

Without modders hacking things, there would be no L4D or Portal. MS should support the community that will bring new ideas to the platform instead of pumping out dance central and TV: The Game

Skate-AK2959d ago

Maybe he means the part about third-parties having to buy their license to make hardware for the machine again.

nirwanda2959d ago

I think it's just their attitude in general to small devs and other creative small scale projects,
This is how people learn to program at home or at uni.
Also if you want something unique it's usually to risky for a big dev to throw a big budget at so MS are stifling small unique games.
So while you may he may not be directly affected indirectly anyone who buys an xbone is.

maniacmayhem2958d ago

It's funny because I see nothing but hate towards Kinect and how everyone hates motion control games. But this is a big deal to people?

Developers will still be able to get the SDK and develop for the Kinect 2. MS is trying to put a cap on the hacking for it's new peripheral.

Simple as that.

Redempteur2958d ago


Maybe , just MAYBE he has lot of USB periphericals that won't work on the xbone ?

If i'd had bought a 600$ sterring wheel and it wouldn't be compatible i'd be angry.

-SIXAXIS-2958d ago

@maniacmayhem: You're correct, but remember that the modding community is what made Kinect popular in the first place. By denying them access to the new Kinect, they're effectively cutting off their main source of new software ideas and innovation for the Kinect.

@Redempteur: What are you talking about? He never mentioned USB peripherals anywhere...

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ScubbaSteve2959d ago

Shall we place bets in regards to how long it takes for the kinect to get hacked? In reality you might as well make it PC compatible because they're not going to stop the type of person who wants to develop kinect applications for PC.

gamertk4212959d ago

If stopping people from hacking their own product is the thing forcing you to leave, then good riddance.