How to Survive The Last of Us’ Online Multiplayer: Tips and Tricks

"Having difficulties staying alive during an online match of The Last of Us? Well make sure to check out our quick start guide below to help you get your footing before you venture out again."

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Foolsjoker1964d ago

Some good tips, hopefully it stops all of the noobs from dying so much.

Septic1963d ago

I can't recommend the melee upgrade enough with the brawler powerup. You get two hits with it and on standard deathmatch, you can get the materials really quickly. Its basically one-hit kill as the article says and I've been able to go 3v1 against players with it.

Also, I wouldn't recommend wasting time crafting medkits. There are midkits located around every supply point (iirc) and what I've noticed is that if you're actually running low on health and you go to a supply plint, you get a medkit from them anyway (on the deathmatch mode anyway).

The proximity grenade thing (I forget the name) can be utilised in some cheap but effective ways. When you're outnumbered, you can place one next to where you're fighting and once you're down and players try to execute you or take parts off your corpse, they can get killed by your cheekily placed mine.

Also, don't underestimate the stupidity of other players. Use downed players to lure enemy combatants trying to rescue their mates. A good team will communicate so will warn teammates about the 'trap' but I've noticed that not many people communicate as much so its a case of the blind leading the their deaths.

The bow is brilliant if you have a decent aim. Stealthy, two shots= down or one headshot. I have turtle beach PX5's and I've struggled to hear the direction people shoot arrows at me. It takes a while to unlock but you can use the custom classes.

Oh and the custom classes are quite good. The one where you get the military sniper is useful because it takes AGES to unlock it and the gun is brilliant.

I can go on but the game has a lot of depth and the varied weapons all seem to serve a purpose.

xHeavYx1963d ago

The most important tip is to play with friends, I'm tired of losing because of COD like teammates

The_Troll_Whisperer1963d ago

No, you can get the Sniper Rifle off the bat with the Sniper loadout...

Septic1963d ago

@the troll whisperer

That's what I said.

Wedge191964d ago

Haven't jumped into multiplayer yet, but these tips will definitely help out.

r211963d ago

Dont split off from your team UNLESS you really can handle 3-4 people by yourself. This isnt to you specifically, just had a great set of matche except this one guy would run off and basically sign his own death warrant.

creatchee1963d ago

I hate those people! I have seen people fend off 3-4 enemies (in fact, I've done it myself), but it's a rarity, even against inexperienced opponents.

ftwrthtx1964d ago

Haven't had a chance to jump in online but these tips should be of good use.

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The story is too old to be commented.