Dead Rising 3: Our Artistic Vision Only Comes in Greyscale

"This is not Dead Rising. Where has Dead Rising gone? I want a murderous overweight clown to laugh while he slashes at me with tiny chainsaws. I want to take photographs of a horde of zombies wearing fluorescent yellow Servbot heads. I want to dress up as a French maid and beat zombies to death with a purple vibrator. The only vibrator I’ll be seeing in 3 looks to be the one the devs are screwing me with."

Jack Bromley discusses why draining all the colour and fun from Dead Rising may not be such a good idea.

"Dead Rising’s story is just fodder, it always has been; something that needs to be there to create a reason for the game existing. It ties together events and provides an explanation for the murderous romp, however unbelieveable. No one cares for it, no one has ever cared for it, so suddenly shifting the game’s focus from ridiculous humour to grey, gritty storytelling doesn’t instill much confidence."

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greenpowerz1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Don't change a thing love the mood the art brings. They westernized the first games pretty good that made them a success, this new step forward matches the maturity of the new console and other zombie trends in other media.

Mr_Nuts1938d ago

It's not a step forward, it's a step sideways because they are changing a games theme turning it into a differnt game all together. If you showed me DR3, without telling me what it was I would of thought it was a new game.

We shouldn't praise devs who try and change their games to make them look like new IP's, if thats the case create a new IP.

DR was about wacky over the top fun, which didn't take it's self seriously. I don't care about emotional stuff in a game like this

whoyouwit041938d ago

Dude, just shut up. what is sony doing with infamous Second Son and Killzone Shadowfall? Looks like they are changing them to seem like a new ip.

JokesOnYou1937d ago

Yeah whatever Mr Nutz, its a Zombie game the base elements of combat, action, crazy weapons/gore and a shiii load of zombie mobs are all there....if they didnt change things up a bit I'm betting you'd have the opposite complaint calling it "the same old zombie game" or "DR3 is getting stale", blah, blah, blah. The game looks to be alot of chaotic zombie filled fun, play it or don't but your trolling is obvious.

Gimmemorebubblez1938d ago

Your right but I think we can ultimately judge whether this move was good when the game releases not months before it releases.

wheresmymonkey1937d ago

The art, not everything needs to be serious. I'm bored of every game and TV show being so damn miserable. The best thing that Dead Rising had going for it was that it was rediculous and it knew it.

This isn't dead rising, well at least from what i've seen. Its just a generic zombie game which for some strange reason has a main character who's just an average mechanic. yet he can some how call in airstrikes.

In short it looks like a bit of a mess.

Foxgod1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Someone hasnt seen the E3 footage, and is solely basing this article on the reveal trailer.

Go watch the 25 minute gameplay footage, theres plenty of color in this game.
I am also glad they took the timer out, that was the only part of Dead rising that annoyed me.
And i dig the new looks.

Deividas1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

YESS! That stupid damn timer lol I never finished one of those games because of that, it was so frustrating and stopped me from exploring and having some fun. And i personally like the new mature look of this game. Kinda jealous im getting a PS4 and wont be able to play this

HugoDrax1937d ago

That damn timer lol. I recall when I purchased DR1 for my X360, and was so excited to play a video game version of Dawn of the Dead films lol. Although, it stated that it was in no way shape or form a copy of George A Romero's Dawn of the Dead franchise...

Anyhow, the timer added for unique gameplay once I got a grasp for the mechanics. Now I'm excited for DR3 and have apready pre ordered it for my XB1. I have finished every game in the franchise, besides DR2: Off the Record and this one should be conquered as well. Although, the art reminded me of the first time RE5 art was showcased..could just be me though.

hankmoody1937d ago

This is almost like reading a review of a movie where the reviewer only watched about five minutes of the film. Way to jump the gun there, Jerky.

PFFT1937d ago

This game looks bad ass! And quite frankly one of the best launch titles. Will be buying this and RYSE day one!

Deividas1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I dont know if you watched any reviews of people playing RYSE...but they really ddnt like it...they said it was gorgeous but the combat was SO SIMPLE. All mostly quicktime. Really boring game

PFFT1937d ago

We will see ive yet to play it myself. Therefore i could careless what Billy Twosocks or Jimmy Balzack think about the game. You know what i mean? Ill decide whether the game is good or not. Instead of letting other decide for me.