Naughty Dog Joins Other Naughty Developers

CCC says: "The Internet buzzes with the inclusion of a sex-chat phone number in The Last of Us. The buzz results from a subversion of expectations rather than the actual inclusion of the number. We didn’t expect a game with lofty storytelling ambitions like The Last of Us to house smutty Easter eggs. Truth is, video games have a long and filthy history of containing hidden moments of perversion. Naughty Dog’s accidental dirtiness pales in comparison to the mountains of mud oozing off of games past."

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SolidStoner1940d ago

If the game is rated 18+ I don't see any problem! :)

Shuyin1940d ago

Disagreed by accident.

I agree with you, though.

Bathyj1940d ago

apparently there's no way to find out phone sex numbers unless you find it in the game

FreshRevenge1940d ago

who cares? I guess gamers should overlooked the blood and guts flying around. Wow a sex chat number, how unnerving??

ftwrthtx1940d ago

What I want to know is where can i find the Jak & Daxter and Uncharted board games

HammadTheBeast1940d ago

There's some stuffed toys of Drake and Jak in one of the houses on the beds. I think in Bill's town.

ftwrthtx1940d ago

I mean in real life. Not in the game. LOL

cloud4951940d ago

When you first see the toy robot, it's in the same room.

ginsunuva1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

What buzz. Everyone looked at it and moved on.

Except those who decided to call it now.

GentlemenRUs1940d ago

1 Thing...

KIDS should not be playing an 18+ game! What is wrong with the internet...

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