Why a ‘Superhero’ Themed Role-Playing Game Needs to Happen

UM writes: I’ve noticed that most RPG video games are more or less either medieval fantasy or galactic science-fiction. I’m not tired of it, but sometimes I would love to see something fresh. Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines and Alpha Protocol are great examples of games in that genre that tried something different. Both were set in a modern setting, yet one focused on the supernatural and the other on espionage. With new IPs coming out for next-generation consoles, perhaps it’ll be time for us to get a superhero RPG?

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Becuzisaid1964d ago

It did happen. It was called Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Retroman1964d ago


Mounce1964d ago

and City of Heroes

"Super Hero theme" / City of HEROES....

and City of Villains....

Anthotis1964d ago

Sounds good.

What would be better, is for City Of Heroes to reopen, or for the losers at Cryptic to put a shred of effort into Champions Online. Both awesome games, and both getting(or got) shafted by uncaring management.

mgszelda11964d ago

especially worked when they added architecture dlc

BlackIceJoe1964d ago

I am all for more superhero games. So to me that would be great.