League of Legends Player Rages On Facebook, Gets Thrown In Prison

Nineteen-year old "League of Legends" player Justin Carter, a Texas resident, is now in jail and could be there for up to eight years. His crime? Making an insensitive comment on Facebook about a "League of Legends" match he had played. Carter has been in jail since February.

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Saints941943d ago

Looks like a example of people taking things too literally.

pedrof931942d ago

America, if anything crazy must happen. It will happen there first.

Robotronfiend1942d ago

Japan and China disagree. I think it's a three-way tie. Sure, we had bath salts in the US, but we don't wear golden poop necklaces and charms.

pedrof931942d ago

I'm European, and believe me we think you're crazy, everyday it's a new different story,problem,war etc...

The way we see you. It's just :S

Bimkoblerutso1942d ago

With all due respect, that's because so much of the world does not understand news media. You will never...NEVER get any news about the U.S. in Europe that is not horrible, weird, or otherwise nation-shaking.

Because an atrocity is an atrocity. Positive stories often seem mundane and impersonal to people living in a completely different nation, so why would they ever report on anything other than the most vile, attention-grabbing events to come out of the U.S.?

Mainsqueeze1942d ago

What?! you mean Europe doesn't get the stories about the new Llama babies at my local zoo!

banjadude1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Yeah, but do those poo charms kill people? Nice try bring irrelevant, ignorant comments to the topic at hand. Is that you CrossingEden?

Edit: it doesn't matter where you are from, things about that should never be "just jokes.

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Pillville1942d ago

If there recently hadn't been school full of dead kids, people might have taken this as a joke. Can't joke about shooting up places anymore.

What if he had later done something horrible? All the news stories would be
"he threatened to do it on Facebook, and no one did anything to stop him".

"jk" and "lol" don't make it ok.

RedHawkX1942d ago

thats what he gets for playing that crappy free to play game. i dont know why but i hate when everyone gravitates to a free to play game and just plays it all the time. game wouldnt have been popular at all if it wasnt free. people should not be playing it.

valcor071942d ago

10 million micro-transactionists disagrees with you.

RedHawkX1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

its the new runescape. mean the game is stupid and people just play it because its the populars game. its the justin bieber of gaming. play a real freaking game.

also runescape aint fun just like LoL isnt. people are like its free so lets play it with the rest of the people who are cheap and thenmore people come in and say a lot of people playing this game and its free lets play it to and chat and talk and talk about it while in other mmo's games and message boards all the time. if you want to play the game fine but keep all the dicussion in the game dont bring it to a bunch of other places to talk about it just because you know the game is free so you can probabl get more people in the fold to play it lol. its like runescape players in other mmos saying guys im gonna go play runescape lets go guys let play it. keep that crap in you own game.

ExPresident1942d ago

Its popular because its fun, and team oriented. Riot does micro transactions as they should be done, as Valco07 said.

Mainsqueeze1942d ago

I too don't see the mass appeal to LoL but the numbers of ppl playing it speaks for itself i guess.

ThanatosDMC1942d ago

I got addicted to it. It also helps the it's engaging and competitive.

RedHawkX1942d ago

its the new runescape. i hate both the types of people who play those games and just wanting to play those same games all the time. its like dude look in the mirror please

mmofanatic1942d ago

At least its good, clean fun. There's much worse things people could be doing.

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