The PS3: 24 things you need to know

From : "With all the hoopla and wahoo getting passed around like a hot potato, it can be difficult to keep things in perspective. It's also easy for little details to get lost in the shuffle. Have no fear, though, because GamePro is to the rescue with a handy cheat sheet of little known facts and new information about Sony's Cadillac of a console. Can you dig it?

Touch-sensitive power and eject buttons are a nice touch -- literally

The eject and power on buttons on the face of the PS3 are touch sensitive, not unlike the iPod's wheel or the Chocolate phone's softkeys. It's a nice, classy addition that helps give the PS3 a more cutting-edge look and feel, especially compared to the somewhat clunky "clicky" Xbox 360 power and eject buttons. A small detail, perhaps, but on worth noting."

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InMyOpinion4472d ago (Edited 4472d ago )

That article had no cons at all. Was it from Gamepro or Ps3pro? Pro Ps3? Even though im not a fan of the 360's design (except for the controller) it looks excellent compared to the Ps3. The Ps2 looked like a Pc but still sleek. Ps3 looks like a breadbin and the controller just looks dated, and is. I bet it has some cool functions though, touchsensitive buttons is always nice.

uxo224471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

If kinda funny, I started reading this article and the first couple of paragraphs seem okay. Then I notice that this is starting to sound like an Advertisement for the PS3. Little sneaking comments such as the term "POWER BRICK" are discreet and sneaky ways of adding negativity to the competition.
Me personally, since the power supply is going to be behind the TV, Entertainment Center, etc. I would prefer to have it be external. That makes it easier to replace without having to send my entire unit in.
To this point everyone has said that the controllers feel light and cheap. They really didn't get into that. OMG, gamepro to the rescue, we are going to act as if we are here for the public interest, and shamelessly promote the PS3 for our own personal gain.
Please don't misunderstand me, I like the PS3 and will purchase one, I just don't like people writing articles in the name of trust and fairness and then slant the hell out of it while continuing to lie like they are not bias.
Gamepro, you just lost 80 percent of your cool points with me.

Bebedora4471d ago

uxo22, I have to agree with you there. His talk about how sexy the unit is made me smile a little. But at the same time, I think this reporter will be glad and happy as long he has some new shiny nextgen playable at his desk. Before, back some weeks ago and further back, it was very much the opposite. That's why I think they loosen up a bit.

Just a new way of seeing the optimism coming now close to launch. Again, he wasnt what I call objective in his report [cough].

lalaland4471d ago

You can't seriously mean that the X360 fits in with the rest of your livingroom electronics?

It looks fine in a kids room or an office environment -- but in the livingroom? It is computer beige, with a shape that makes it draw all the attention.

My gf won't let me have it in our livingroom because she just finds it ugly (and noisy). And we can't place the powerbrick below or behind the TV, as the TV is hanging on an arm. And as the rest of our Stereo is on a shelf hanging on the wall, I can't put the powerbrick below or behind it either. It is simply not suited for our livingroom.

All livingroom electronics should have either an internal or a very small powerbrick, to make it easy hideable behind books or whatever. And indeed most do follow those simple rules.

If you were wondering, the GF has already accepted the looks of the PS3, as it is black and looks relatively ok on a shelf -- and it is supposed to be quiet.

TheMART4472d ago

How many advertorials is Sony paying?

"Not all games will be 1080p"

That is an understatement, with only 2 games in 1080p within all those titles. And not the most exciting ones. GT4 HD smugged up PS2 game easy to do that in 1080p guys. And Virtua Tennis 3 with 2 moving characters on screen. Impressive! NOT. Resistance has shown it. PS3 isn't capable of doing 1080p with more demanding games. If it isn't at the start of the life cycle with more 'reasonably easy' games compared to the master pieces that have to follow 2nd gen etc. then forget 1080p in the majority of games

Bebedora4471d ago

<TheMART: > That is an understatement, with only 2 games in 1080p within all those titles. And not the most exciting ones.

So, you were hyped about what the PS3 could do?
You wanted more 1080p games?
You thought Sony was so super it could cram out 1080p games like no tomorrow at launch of the PS3?

Or how should I read that sentence?

andy capps4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

You don't like what they say so you claim that they're being paid by Sony. Brilliant!

2 games out of the launch lineup supporting 1080p is not bad, and I think everyone was expecting 1080p games at launch to be the exception, not the norm. Within 2-3 years that will be reversed, you can put money on it. You think that it'll be harder to get 1080p as time moves on and devs have more time with the hardware and figure out how to run processes more efficiently, and more at the same time? Once again, brilliant logic. I forgot that launch games for the PS2 looked better than God of War or MGS3.

kmis874471d ago

Umm, actually shouldn't it be more expected in later games? Ted Price said that Insomniac thought it wasn't worth the extra time it would take to make it 1080p at this point because so few consumers have capable televisions. He also said that future Insomniac titles will be more focused on achieving 1080p. But, you know, we'll see as get further into the lifecycle. Oh, you forgot Ridge Racer 7 at 1080p 60 fps. I can't say I blame you for forgetting that one, I'm not really excited about it either.

Bebedora4471d ago

I was trying to be sarcastic, but failed obviously. Well well. What I meant if anything, it was that this talk about 1080p from some people really have been stuck in first gear. If there is only one 1080p game it will rest this fud about PS3 not capabe to deliver frames in 1080p because of memory problems etc etc.

Now I am with those saying that 1080p will be more common along the PS3:s lifecycle. No question about it. If LAIR can do it (yes it's 1080p), then any game seen the light as of now can do the same on a PS3.

andy capps4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

Sorry Bebedora, my post was directed to theMART. I should have been more clear.

Bebedora4471d ago

Thank you. Then we should be ok. :)

I liked the article, even if some was the reporters own taste of liking. But that's ok. He should have that.
The noise is at 22db, 7 db less as stated by Sony. [email protected] liars.
The Sixaxis 30hr battery lifetime. I hope that was before need of a recharge. Never got that cleared out by the article.
A good quality check came out too. It ran stable and could take the heat. Not that the temp came close like at TGS for sure, but I wont have that kind of environment in my home any time soon.
Again, the sixaxis batteries were not changeable as standard. A bit of a cheapshot. Can still be used with a USB cable if needed.

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sparco4471d ago

A nice little read there. Didnt see many misleading statements. I do like the look of the PS3 a lot. The 360 also looks proper nice. But just those extra touches like the Touch sensitive buttons and the slot-loading disc drive give it that extra sexy look.

uxo224471d ago

How does a touch sensitive button give something a sexier look. I beleive you can make a non touch sensitive button, that can look the exact same. Touch sensitive is a feel/technology NOT A LOOK.

sparco4471d ago

Feck off!

I cant be bothered to listen to little d*cks like you getting all fanboyish simply cos i said that the touch sensitive buttons give it that small edge over the 360 look. I can see it, so that means its a look. Now shut up.

THAMMER14471d ago

I hope sells go well so the price gets cut to the normal price of a games console. PS3 fans waited and I will wait too. A few of my family members have pre orders that may get delivered at launch. This will be an awesome Nov. 2007 Gears Of War, COD3, PS3 too. And if what I see with the consoles they get and future AAA exclusive titles will determine how soon I buy one.

12Volt4471d ago

I'm sorry doods, the ps3 is a bombshell.. you can't deny the quality and capabilities anymore.. I would totally use it as a PC, TV, and console... thats what its trying to be, and that is so freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!

BIadestarX4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

Careful, "PC, TV, and console..." You may have to manage your expectation, I believe that the most important thing that the PS3 will do well is play games. But many consoles has used the "It can do anything a PC can do" line in the pass, just to fell flat. What some of you don't realise is what makes a PC is not the hardware but the software and the flexibily, some argue the PC can't do everything perfect 100% because is great at doing many things. If the PS3 can replace the PC then you should worry about the fact that it will not be optimun at anything. Just because you can browse the internet or send emails it does not mean it can replace the PC (Cell phones can do this). I can give you a few examples, how well do you think you will be able to do your college projects on the PS3? network it to share files or network printer; or if you are a developer to use the PS3 to host databases and projects. Bottom line you may use the PS3 to browse the internet or send emails, but replacing your PC; good luck with that.

uxo224471d ago

This PS3 worked out perfect for me in the fact that I was really starting to consider buying a blue-ray player for my entertainment center. WOW! Now I can get one, have the incredible features of the PS3, and pay less for it all in one foul swoop! Ohhhhh Yeah!

LiquifiedArt4471d ago

I agree, its awesome. And i've been waiting for a nice media center to tie up all these loose ends for awhile. Anyone with a brain knows what SONY is doing and they are making a Bold move, that will most definetly take off. Remember the PS3 Target audience are the middle-upper class folks, 360 trys to sell in the slums and Wii sells to children.

uxo224471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

liquifiedart - We were doing okay until you made the statement about the middle-upper class vs the slums. I honestly beleive that Sony and Microsoft have the same target audience in mind. Although they may go about it differently. I'm not going to get into stereotype and declaring people that purchase XBOX360 as Slummers and people buying the PS3 as middle-upper class. I already have and xbox 360 and have a preorder for a PS3. I guess that would make me a "middle-upper class slum lord"

12Volt4471d ago

also, as long as there is work to be done and jobs to fill the PC is unreplaceable. But i think thats a stretch, right now we got a multimedia system, it does music, movies, web, and of course gaming. I mean besides work what else is there?

If I attach a mouse and keyboard to my ps3, I will be doing alot of things with it... playing all my digital content from it. playing games, receiving links from my friend.. viewing forums, and who knows maybe even and when people come over, i can leave it one with a cool playlist and picture slideshow.. , this is all just the tip of my iceburg..

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