Sonic Lost World - Hands On Impressions: Can Sega Recreate The Old Magic? | GamingBolt

"Another new generation, another new Sonic game. Welcome to Sonic: Lost World an upcoming third-party Wii U and 3DS exclusive title from Sega. The developer tries re-invent the Sonic formula yet again to create an appealing experience that throws us back in the nostalgic days of the original games from one of our favorite childhood franchises."

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thomasmiller1966d ago

along with 3d mario, and the new DK, I am very excited about this title as well, so I hope the old magic can be recaptured!

pedrof931966d ago

The trailer seems interesting.

Kevlar0091966d ago

Sonic Adventure 2, those were the days

southernbanana1966d ago

It is a shame Sega is limiting it to the Wii U only. Guess it is another reason for me to eventually buy one! :-)

darthv721966d ago

being a multi-console gamer......there are no limits.

southernbanana1966d ago

I am a multi-console owner as well. I buy ever console every generation. I am just going to wait on the wii U (a first for a Nintendo console) because it is last gen hardware again. Great system regardless though.

Jagsrock1966d ago

The simple fact that you can actually control sonic's speed and stop on a dime is game changing. no more sloppy platforming and sliding all over the place.