Resident Evil 7: 10 Features That Capcom Needs To Work On

"Resident Evil 6 was released on consoles last year and on PC this year and while it was highly anticipated, the game unfortunately failed to “wow” many of us. While the game design isn’t bad and the character models certainly look good RE6 was plagued with certain design choices that made it very difficult to get into. We here at Gamingbolt have heard rumors about a potential Resident Evil 7 that’s working it’s way to us. While Capcom is staying close-lipped about it all and there is no mention of it being revealed at E3 this year, it's probably a pretty safe bet we'll be seeing another RE title."

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Mr_Nuts1941d ago

Just go back to RE4 and add more horror elements that all there is too it to be honest

- Only one character playable

- No co-op

- Horror...obviously

- Bring back the merchent from RE4 but you can't buy ammo from him. I loved spending treasure on new guns

- Inventory system like RE4's which you can upgrade over time but allow us to choose only two weapons to quickly swap out, Pistol/Long gun

To be honest even if you did all this the franchise is dead, they ruined it with the 6th one. Characters were ruined and the overall story was

The only thing they can do is reboot it and go back to the mansion inccident to tell an alternative tale

Akuma2K1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I beleive once the "Evil Within" game comes out RE7 will be an afterthought, plus who will be the person or persons to bring the Resident Evil series back to its former glory now that the original creator of the game is making Evil Within and no longer with capcom and the original Resident Evil development team.

friedricr1941d ago

go back to the RE1-3 ... plain and simple ..

aim4dabushiz1941d ago

1 feature: play the last of us then start from there...

calvincrack1941d ago

Capcom should go MS style and call the next game "Resodent Evil One". Closest they can get to a reboot without steppin on their own IP. Plus it sounds canon, like a sequel to "Resident Evil Zero". Genius.

But ya, back to the drawing board. Perhaps take the Uncharted approach to camera angles where it alternates between cinematic and over-the-shoulder. And make it spooky like RE4 but playful, not TOO serious. Thats why the tone was so great in that game.

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