Naughty Dog Asked Seth Rogen & Evan Goldberg To Write Uncharted Film

IGN: " Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg tell us they've been approached by Naughty Dog to write the film, and why it hasn't happened."

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Mr_Nuts1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

They are joking...right

I love their films, trust me I really love them but they just aren't suited for Uncharted.

Why can ND not just say to Sony, take Amy Hennigs Script, shorten it, fill in the gameplay parts and change some words here and their....BAM, an Uncharted script and you didn't have spend money on film writters.

This is the reason I took the script module in my Uni course, to prove to myself it's easy as hell to write a video game film especially when the story and characters are right their in front of you

*** “It’s just going to be Indiana Jones,” says Goldberg. “If we could figure out a way to make it not Indiana Jones, it’d be awesome.” ***

Then it's not Uncharted is it, it's supposed to be like/similar to Indiana Jones, the game already is different to Indiana Jones anyway while keeping the elements of those films.

PerryCaravello1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

What did they teach you in that "scipt module?" How to write a screenplay? Writing scripts? It sounds funny that universities teach that, as if you could take that class and become a screenwriter lol. It's like universities that teach acting, it's the biggest waste waste of money for a student because it doesn't do anything that an acting class won't, for less money.

I wouldn't think naughty dog has that much creative input or approval for screenplay,script or much else though. Didn't Amy Hennigs work in show business? I could have sworn she mentioned that in one of bonus videos.

Mr_Nuts1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Are you serious...what do you do like, work in a dead end job or maybe you don't have a future so you try and dumb down others futures instead

I don't know what will happen, maybe what I've learnt will take off maybe it dosen't but you do REALISE that a module is just ONE of many things in a uni course. I do Television, Film and Media studies so this was the last part of my first year.

*** It sounds funny that universities teach that, as if you could take that class and become a screenwriter lol ***

Thats the whole point of going to Uni, to learn stuff. You realise many screen writters got degree's in Uni's. Hell most of them didn't even do Media to get where they are today.

Funny you talk about acting, you know Ben Stiller when he did his acting course didn't get a job for years. He was a waiter in a job he hated and then one day he tried his hardest got his break and now he's a Hollywood star.

It's about how hard you try...if you don't then theres no point doing it.


I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891941d ago

Only possible actor for drake is a slimmed Nathan fillion. After watching castle he is absolutely perfect for the role. Mark wahlberg was a terrible idea.

Mr_Nuts1941d ago

...Nathan Fillion


You mean the guy who is roughly the same age as Nolan North. If thats the case I'd rather have Nolan know the guy who actually IS Drake.

Get him on a strict diet, bulk up plan, add some make up to make him look younger and there you go....Nathan Drake in all his glory.

PerryCaravello1941d ago

Lol, I wasn't putting you down. I'm still not sure what it is you're trying to accomplish in show business.

I'm in west hollywood. Los Angeles. I'm in the mecca of the industry. What is your intention? Are you trying to become an actor, writer, director?

What does "media studies" do to further a career in a specific hollywood field? It sounds so generic, like something a college student takes because they aren't aware of alternate venues to explore.

I'm not trying to put you down, but you don't have an understanding of the business. Could you tell me what you intend to do? Do you live in the US? Oh god.. if you live in the UK lol... no offense

LarVanian1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Seth Rogen...writing Uncharted? Yeah let me guess, the story would be about Drake trying to find the tree of life which is said to produce the best pot man could smoke. The script would be completely filled to the brim with penis jokes and non-stop marijuana references and Elena and Chloe would be two typical bitchy female characters who serve no purpose in the film other than to bitch.
Seriously Naughty Dog, you have two writers known as Amy Hennig and Neil Druckmann who are more talented than people like Rogen and Goldberg could ever hope to be. Just get them in their spare time to write an Uncharted movie script.

Timesplitter141941d ago

agreed. Seth Rogen seems like a TERRIBLE choice for this

Pozzle1941d ago

Considering how badly Rogan screwed up The Green Hornet, I'd hate to see what he'd do with Uncharted. Hell, he'd probably cast himself as Drake. :/

Spontogical1941d ago

lol naughty dog... im sorry but i thought this choice is stupid

caseh1941d ago

The games are the way they are because of ND's decision making, from experience they don't make bad decisions.

Why would this be so stupid, they clearly have their reasons for asking these guys

andibandit1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Seth Rogen stars in almost all his films, and I dont know if he's such a bad choice either....I can totally see him in the role as Nathan

caseh1941d ago


I wouldn't object to him doing a Tarrantino, giving himself a role in the film which lasts about 5 minutes before being killed off in an amusing fashion.

RonRico1941d ago

I'd rather it be a Hitchcock type cameo.

tigertron1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Seriously, Naughty Dog? the same people that brought me Uncharted and the Last of US?

thechosenone1941d ago

Fuck no!!!! Please Naughty Gods say it ain't so!

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