PS4 'Development Has Been Faster' - Mark Cerny

PS4 system architect sings the praises of the console he designed. Naturally.

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Majin-vegeta1992d ago

He also mentions how Knack has elements Crash Bandicoot, Katamari Damacy and God of War (?!) thrown into its design.

OK,how about releasing them both now!!!!1

Lockhart1992d ago

I haven't looked into Knack that much personally, but with those 3 titles being thrown in, could you go wrong?

minimur121992d ago

too many cooks (or ingredients) spoil the brew ;)

but if Mark Cerny's behind it, without sounding like a fanboy, it can't go wrong.

SniperControl1992d ago

Crash was my all time great on PS1, please please bring it back ND!!

But Knack will tide me over till then.

tigertron1992d ago

If Sony bought the rights off Universal and the publishing rights off Activision and get a team in Naughty Dog to develop a new Crash game I would be over the moon.

Playstation needs its mascot back.

ssj271992d ago

ND to make crash? will not ask Guerrilla games to make the new Barbie game..
Seriously let's leave the AAA devs to make amazing new ip and AA devs to continue on what is made already.. all they have to do is copy and paste and leave the franchise alone for a while to make it feel fresh.

SniperControl1992d ago

What rock have you been living under? Naughty Dog were the developers of Crash.
Crash is like Mario to Nintendo, Sonic to Sega, Chief to MS.

hellzsupernova1992d ago

When you look at an indie dev, the ones developing warframe, took that build on pc and made it run on the ps4 in 3 months! Only 3 months!

Akuma2K1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

That is cool and very fast, were gonna see games coming out back to back on PS4 and the game library for the console will be built up in less than a year....IMO.

Good times to be a gamer.

3-4-51992d ago

Hopefully greedy doesn't take over and people start pumping out shovelware faster.

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PraxxtorCruel1992d ago

I just want some story gripping RPG's. Good on them nevertheless though.

dendenmooshi1992d ago

This is great! It should help companies pump out games much faster, a big problem I had with last gen.

*cough*SQUARE ENIX*cough*

kenshiro1001992d ago

...That console looks really, really sexy. I can't stop looking at it.

Lockhart1992d ago

I'm still shocked by the size. Would I be right in saying it's similar to the size of the Wii? I could be completely off, but still, that's small for how powerful it is.

Akuma2K1992d ago

Yea the size does catch you off guard, i think its because we've been used to looking at the PS3 for so

SonyPS41991d ago

Bigger than the Wii by far, but smaller than the original PS3 by far. PS3 slim more like.

banjadude1992d ago

Thanks! Been looking for this all day.

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