Kickstarter J-RPG Project, Soul Saga, Is Coming To PS4 and Vita (if stretch goal is reached)

The Kickstarter project by DisasterCake Games, Soul Saga, is confirmed for the PS4 and Vita if the stretch goal of $80,000 is reached. The crazy aspect about this, however, is that this is a one person project from a developer named Mike Gale.

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PopRocks3591938d ago

Agreed! This game looks great. I hope all the stretch goals are met. I'll be asking for the Wii U version myself. I definitely hope it meets the Vita and PS4 stretch goals though!

jujubee881938d ago

With just about two more weeks left.

Man, this game looks good too! I thought it would be a crummy 2D thing with little strategy, but it looks like it has dawn of 3D era JRPG depth and a very modern cell shaded 3D gfx engine.

It's definitely looking like a good game! And it's just $25 USD right now to buy on PS4/VITA. ^^

wishingW3L1938d ago

only $80,000 to make a game by just 1 man and the bits he showed on the vid it looks way better than 90% of the JRPGs we get these days on consoles.

1938d ago
despair1938d ago

I hope he reaches the 250k mark to get all the stretch goals he wanted, sounds and looks interesting.

Tewi-Inaba1938d ago

Y-you forgot to add in Wii U

LeonhartX1938d ago

yeah he announced it for Wii U too

jcnba281938d ago

The article is from Of course they're not going to mention the Wii U version lol

chrispseuphoria1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

umm, I did include that in the article....

"Soul Saga is scheduled to release during July 2014 and will hopefully come to PS4, Vita, PC, Linux, Mac and Wii U."

Oh and this...

"If you are a Wii U gamer as well, this particular stretch goal will also cover your preferred platform"

Just because I write for a PlayStation site does not mean I don't use the Wii U either. I have one and use it everyday for internet browsing and a few games on the side...(I only have Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and ZombiU)

ziratul1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

it was initially only for PC and Wii U, but they have decided to support other platforms too.

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The story is too old to be commented.