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GameTrailers: "Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall brings mechanized warfare to new heights; The Science of Games sheds some light on shield technology in Halo 4; Combat Facts tests out the vector submachine gun; and we check out the hottest games from E3."

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s8anicslayer1966d ago

There you have it timed exclusive! vince just basically confirmed it

Lovable1966d ago

Do we really need confirmation for this? This is right from the get go a timed exclusive.

HammadTheBeast1966d ago

Just to set some things clear. Being on PC makes it not an exclusive.

And another thing. Mass Effect was PUBLISHED BY MS. Yet EA brought it to PS3.

Either way, playing this on PC only decent MS game shown and it was third party.

BallsEye1966d ago

NO he didn't...stop being delusional. If they wanna confirm it, they will say' TItanfall is comming to ps4 later or in 2015 or whatever" so SHUSH stop spreading lies.

Majin-vegeta1966d ago

Lol,I doubt they can do that if they're under some sort of contract by M$.

Johnsonparts231966d ago

did you see how he skirted around the issue and didn't give an actual answer? Pretty obvious that its a timed exclusive. Its not hard to say, "its ONLY coming to Xbox one, ever." but no one's saying that are they? Just at launch.

True_Samurai1966d ago

^^^ or either the fact he's not going to get y'all hopes up and Microsoft keeps it exclusive

Belking1966d ago wake up! You're dreaming! There was nothing confirmed. This game is exclusive to MS platforms until it's announced otherwise. Sorry guys but MS has pulled off a good move securing this one.

HALOisKING1966d ago

lol sony fanboys are jelly

s8anicslayer1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I didn't say actual conformation, but he also did not say Xbox one or 360 or PC exclusive but he did say that "We will focus on other platforms when the time comes"! Don't be butt hurt cause it's not exclusive to your favorite console and just happened to be the only game showed by microsoft that highlighted their one presentation!

@Belking, I've checked your previous comments trolling flamebait articles and consistently insisting that titanfall is exclusive to ms you work for Respawn or microsoft? Watch the video and listen to what he says before you reply to comments and if you can sit there and say your comfortable with it only being on xbox or pc then you'd be comfortable swimming in the open ocean with great white sharks

Godz Kastro1966d ago

They sure did... From what I saw the COD community will likely flock to this game. uh oh...

hazardman1966d ago the time you PS fanboys get this game TF2 will be releasing.

DecoyOctopus1966d ago

Team Fortress 2 is already out :P

HammadTheBeast1966d ago

I'm still playing The Last of Us. You know, the game of the year never coming to Xbox.

Smoovekid1966d ago

Another 10/10 exclusive never coming to Xbox.

hazardman1966d ago

No i dont know, im playing the last of us myself. Im no fanboy i game on all consoles!

jcnba281966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

It's funny how some sony fans are hating on Titanfall but at the same time saying it's just a timed exclusive without any confirmation at all.

Titanfall looks great and I have no problem saying I'm jealous it's not coming to ps4 or Wii U.

bjmartynhak1966d ago

Same here! And I also recognize that this game has a lot of Call of Duty feeling, which is not a bad thing at all.

However... I will be able to play Titanfall on PC (not on highest settings) and Quantum Break alone is not enough for me to choose XB1.

givemeshelter1966d ago

If and when it comes to the PS4, that's when the game will all of a sudden be amazing LOL

lgn151966d ago Show
ThatCanadianGuy5141966d ago

Yes yes, just like we all knew Mass effect was timed exclusive, DR2, Star Ocean, Ninja Gaiden and so forth and so on.

You don't need confirmation for everything.Just common sense.

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Supermax1966d ago

Will be playing this as soon as it comes out.

Loki861966d ago

"Omg, I'm not excited for TitanFall, but I'm excited for TitanFall." - every jealous fanboy right now.

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