The Picture of the PS4 Bundle With the Camera and Knack Is Officially From Sony, and There’s More

A picture of a possible PS4 bundle with Knack and the Playstation 4 Camera emerged, and today it was discovered that it comes officially from Sony, and there are more coming with it.

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Prcko1940d ago

all those pictures are up on amazon...

Abriael1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Not with the camera they aren't.

@Prcko Below: apparently quite a lot of people.

Prcko1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

who cares about camera,seriously...
@Abriael: i don't think so :D
i only saying about design,not camera functionality jesus...

Roper3161940d ago


Don't care about camera implementation for games but I love it for video chat with my friends & GF, especially the GF.

JoGam1940d ago

@Prcko, I care about cameras

Steven211940d ago

I do... I think it'll add a great aspect to the games and social integration. It's not like you have to get it and use it like M$ is making people do. I'd rather get it, try it, and decide for myself if it really is something worth having.

LackTrue4K1940d ago

I don't know how most feel about the camera, but I would love to use it for live chats with clan members/family. Gaming in its self...what the future holds.

darthv721940d ago

I would like to get. It represents the total package.

If i have to buy the camera by itself does not bother me but I just dont want to see it end up as an after thought.

I want to see it get its fair share of development and integration is the more social aspect of the ps4.

1OddWorld1940d ago

@Prcko I care about the PSeye.

With Microsoft pushing the peripheral and taking all the risk to make the peripheral a standard there will be plenty to do from third party developers porting kinnect features to the PSeye.

The girlfriend loves the party games and so does company. I also believe we are going to see some very creative uses this time around with the peripheral.

I have already purchased the console, camera and extra controller in full. You will be seeing me "literally" on PS4.

MazzingerZ1940d ago

Nothing wrong with the camera, the thing is that SONY didn't do MSFT mistake, trying to sell something with features that are rather a plus when you pay for that device.

I got the PS Eye because of the Eye of Judgement, later I got Tori-Emaki (so relaxing, my girls loved it!), The trials of Topoq, Singstar, Mesmerize and the App to create videos which my kids had lots of fun with it, I used to chat with my bro on the other side of the world....last game was Start the Party, again, a blast for my kids

So, SONY just understood that if you don't have the games don't try to sell it

Those games will come later, can you imagine a The Eye of Judgement on the PS4?

Bob Dole1939d ago


Bob Dole used it to make porn. If he hadn't gotten the pseye with "Eye of Judgement" he would have never had the spontaneous opportunities to make porn.

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Lockhart1940d ago

If this was a XB One thread there would be nothing but hate for the camera... along with tons of people claiming they won't have any uses for it.

Steven211940d ago

The reason people aren't hating on the PS4 version is because it isn't forced down our throats like M$. PS4's version isn't always on and isn't always watching. It's somewhat weird. Granted I am excited to see how kinect will be better integrated with this gen since it is now being forced upon everyone. I just expect to get more out of the PS4 version than the XBone's.

BabyTownFrolics1940d ago

Steven21 I think you right and Lockhart I also think your right, it depends on who reads the news. A normal mature gamer sees no issue, a fanboy will rage.

oof461940d ago

I have to agree. I'm leaning towards a ps4, but reading the multiple "oh, a camera, cool!" comments made me think, "Is this the same forum that was mocking the Kinect?"

Veneno1940d ago

I wanna see how much nicer blu ray movies are gonna look on PS4 ♡♥♡♥

DJMarty1940d ago

I do I'll be using it as a mic, just like I do with PS3:)

Abriael1940d ago

I do as well with the PS3, got it with a promo. probably will wait to do the same with the PS4.

gta28001940d ago

I'll be using my bluetooth headset that came with Socom. Thing still works like a charm.

b3ast1940d ago

That was a great headset :-)

saint_seya1940d ago

I still have the one that came with warhawk, and i use it with my galaxy note sometimes too.
On ps3 i use the camera now for chats.

lento1940d ago

Yup same here. Good ol Socom headset.

irepbtown1940d ago

Haha, I still got mine :D

Works great and I still play Socom Confrontation which is bloody addicting.

1OddWorld1940d ago

I still use the wired headset that came with Socom 1.

Bubbles for Socom Headset.

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Abriael1940d ago

As long as I'm not forced to buy it.

PositiveEmotions1940d ago

How would you be forced to buy it?

gta28001940d ago

By packaging it in every box and jacking up the price because of it.

PerryCaravello1940d ago

You do whatever they tell you to do...and LIKE IT.

gta28001940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Same here. Sports Champions 3, please :)

PositiveEmotions1940d ago

Sony announce that you can buy the ps4eye separetly

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