5 Reasons Why Nintendo Made A Believer Out Of Me

Xander Davis - The same day fans told me they wanted CIDER for Wii-U, Nintendo proactively reached out and provided me with an overview of their basic set-up with indie devs (details of which I have to keep confidential). So after I read them and thought they looked great (something I can say), I went straight out to buy a Wii-U to evaluate its console experience.

And how you know I’m sincere about this here, I am still a big supporter of the Ouya, conceptually for the Indie Cause, but have decided it’s not right for Astrogun projects right now due to its low horsepower and comparatively low install base (though it had only just launched). By the time I got my devkit, I had moved on to targeting consoles and platforms I felt were right for the demands of the projects. So if I truly didn’t think Wii-U was right for Astrogun projects, believe me, it would be my policy.

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gamer421943d ago

Well, that's a huge turnaround from calling it a "400 dollar Xbox 360". Well, the more quality games the merrier, I guess.

Need4Game1943d ago

Nintendo X MonolithSoft Action-MMORPG made me Believe that WiiU will survive for 10years.

NihonjinChick1943d ago

You're troll comments aren't that funny. You can stop spamming these "Action-MMORPG" comments.

Triforce0791943d ago

I agree m8 all ur disagree's are from haters who only got to see cinematics and tech demo's Ninty shown games actually built on the Hardware and i was impressed.

Neonridr1943d ago

Great read. Couldn't agree more. Nintendo will have its place in the next gen. And it could end up being the mecca for indie game support.

Gimmemorebubblez1943d ago

"X" wowed me more than alot shown at MS's and Sony's conferences.

_QQ_1943d ago

Probably the most underrated game of E3.In my opinion the best shown.

trickman8881943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

That's nice for you.

jcnba281943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Sounds like the Indie scene is going to blow up on Wii U which is great for the gamers.

Triforce0791943d ago

Yep but what he needs to know is the wiiu is not underpowered compared to ps4 ect Iwata has screamed this,don't these devs listen,then look at X or MK8 or Beyonetta2 ect and think these are 1st gen games look incredible.

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