The stunning graphics and brutal gameplay of 'Ryse: Son of Rome' - Examiner

In a closed doors demo of the upcoming Xbox One title, we had the chance to get an inside look at what people can expect from this game.

But there definitely seems to be more to this game than has been revealed so far.

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Walker1964d ago Show
greenpowerz1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Man if they do that Roman Calcium multi player right this game will be a huge hit.

I want a flashy Calcium presentation, crazy crowds, active roman caesars, animals, chariots etc. Co-op multi player and single multi player. I want different cultures in the empire to have different fighting styles

Make the calciums from all over the empire, hell put them in the cloud/azure if there isn't room on the blu-ray disc.

Don't know If I'll get any of this but at least I know crytek has went to great trouble with authenticity even hiring or asking Roman experts help them make this game.

Graphics are unmatched in this genre and almost over all.

RuleNumber51964d ago

Yeah they could definitely make an interesting mark in multiplayer and/or co-op with a strong gladiator mode. I mean that seems to be something that hasn't been done successfully in gaming before, (which we can't say that about much in this industry), so hopefully it works well.

vikingland11964d ago

I agree Spartacus is a game based solely on gladiatorial combat and it's not even playable LOL. So I hope this one turns out fun.

AliTheSnake11964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

This was supposed to be a Kinect title.
They probably put the controller's controls last second, which is why it's not that good. Just press a button twice then a quick time event.

Andreas-Sword1964d ago

I hope Ryse: Son of Rome comes also for the PS4. (mid-2014)
I like such hack and slash games.

JokesOnYou1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

AliTheSnake you can play on the harder difficulty with no QTE's.

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vikingland11964d ago

Not being rude but the word is colosseum not Calcium. Oh well I know what you mean though. I am getting this game for sure it is going to be epic.

RuleNumber51964d ago

Hahahaha. Way to be nice about it. You're a good person. Bubs!

greenpowerz1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

LOL Thanks didn't even know my phone did that.

No need to be rude, so nice is good! I'm sure you have the sense to know that fighting in a mineral does not make sense.

I was going for *Coliseum* has a sexy sounding authentic pronunciation to this spelling

Elit3Nick1964d ago

@greenpowerz fighting in a "mineral"? ;)

Drekken1964d ago

LOL! I couldn't figure out why he was talking about milk.

SilentNegotiator1963d ago

So that's what I've been doing wrong all this time; fighting in calcium and eating colosseum.

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AngelicIceDiamond1964d ago

I'm Thrilled for the Single player and the many different defensive and offensive formations you take part in the game, along with the single combat moments as well.

The MP I'm really excited about. I hope its big and alive, seen in the popular show Spartacus.

Abriael1964d ago

I think the writer meant to say "The brutal quick time events"

Docknoss1964d ago

Troll much? Get your facts straight before making yourself looks stupid

Nitropants1964d ago

Have to say I was playing GOW3 on my PS3 last weekend readying myself for the PS4...ummm doesn't that game do exactly the same thing as Ryse, pots and kettles spring to mind Abriael. I think this game looks awesome roll on the next gen I say. :-)

Lord_Sloth1964d ago Show
JetsFool35001964d ago

For The 1st Time Im Jealous Of Xbox This Game Looks BadAss!

Reverent1963d ago

Same here. Well, it's not the first time I've been jealous, but still. It's nice when people can be man enough to admit when a game looks good even if it's from the competition.

bootsielon1963d ago

Suddenly you praise blu-ray disc? lol

Anyway, anything the Xbone can do, the PS4 can do better. Look at the specs. PS4 outdoes Xbone in every single metric, and due to the similar architecture, anything done on the Xbone can be easily ported and then scaled up to PS4 performance levels. Just before you claim that 'tiled resources' will save the XBone, I have bad news for you, fangirl:

Tiled Resources is nothing new as something exactly the same was first developed by AMD in Graphics Core Next engine GPU's heres a link from anandtech....Its new to Direct X but has been available in Open GL for sometime heres a link (i.e. it's going to be on PS4)

The review is for a AMD 7970 but the technology is in all Core Next GPU's and the PS4 is using a Core Next GPU the name of the feature is
Partially Resident Textures

first1NFANTRY1963d ago

"Roman Calcium"

lol uneducated troll. i think you meant Colosseum.

BallsEye1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

In one of e3 demos you can see them browse through menu, and there is MULTIPLAYER so for sure we will see something there. I bet it will be co-op gladiator arena with waves of enemies!

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seepamann1964d ago

Im playstion fan but this game is highly impress me the graphics of ryse are magnificent

MikeMyers1964d ago

Looks good but I'm concerned about how linear and how many QTE's occur.

HammadTheBeast1964d ago

If it has a good enough story, it shouldn't matter too much.

Campy da Camper1964d ago

Sony fan the haters no mind. They said same about Heavy Rain and that game was awesome. Enjoy!

Mkai281964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I think they said they had the QTEs a lot in there so gamers could see more of the finishers." Crytek has included approximately 100 different executions in the game"

@Campy I agree, why can't a game just be a game. As soon as its on a " rival" platform, "gamers" throw it down like a dirty rag even though the same thing is being done with there favorite games.

PFFT1963d ago

The QTE's can be removed, you do know that right??
Well if you dont now you and every, "BUT IT HATH QTE's!" crybabies know.

nypifisel1963d ago

As a history buff I'm concerned with things like how ridiculous the shields looked, or for that the way they battled. Romans weren't really good individual fighters, they were good as a unit. If they wanted to make a game like this Spartans would've been a better choice really, but even they relied on the unit while fighting. I don't know, mostly the non historical representation of equipment then I guess.

opinska1963d ago

Dumbass.. The so called QTE are actually finish them events... God of War used to have those and it was an amazing game. They already told us that the finishers are optional. So no this is not a QTE game...

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Pisque1964d ago ShowReplies(5)
aviator1891964d ago

I'd really like to see more from this game, especially the colosseum co-op mode.

vikingland11964d ago

I know what you mean bud. My phone has speech recognition.......some times LOL.