Zeboyd Games targets Sony and Nintendo after "mis-communication" from Microsoft

Zeboyd Games’ Bill Stiernberg has spoken of how he feels the JRPG market is still as active as ever – even although it’s “under-served” by big publishers – and also how his team plans to switch to Sony and Nintendo in the next generation, following “mis-communication” from Microsoft.

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Smoovekid1939d ago

Microsoft cares for no one but themselves.

first1NFANTRY1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

m$ are a disease in the gaming industry. i foresee alot of indies staying away from them.

Xof1938d ago

And you're delusional if you think Nintendo or Sony care one iota about any of us.

The only real difference between Microsoft and the other two is that Sony and Nintendo rely a lot on customer loyalty, whereas Microsoft relies more on brand recognition.

ExCest1939d ago

Well apparently Unity is on the X1 so maybe they can publish on X1. But I understand their point with the whole PS4 and WiiU are more open thing.

Triforce0791939d ago

It's not on xbox one full on like wiiu or ps4 they have a better relationship.

Dark_Overlord1938d ago

Screw Zeboyd, I have repeatedly emailed and asked on Twitter about PAA Ep 3 on PS3, and not once have they had the decency to reply.

thomasmiller1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

AGAIN THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO THINK THE X BOX ONE IS GOING TO BEAT THE WII U!!! HHHHAAA!!!! what a joke!!! just stack the xbox one right next to the 3DO, the JAGUAR, NEO-GE0, THE SATURN, THE DREAMCAST!! the ET GAMES THAT ATARI BURIED OUT IN THE DESERT!!!hhhaaaa!! hhaa!!!! so long micro soft!! just stick to windows!!!