Kojima clarifies Metal Gear Solid remake comments

Recently Game Reactor posted an interview with Kojima conducted during E3 this year. There was some talk about remaking earlier Metal Gear games, and, according to the article, Kojima said he was looking for a studio to remake Metal Gear Solid using the Fox Engine (this was in line with what he has said before about the subject). The news soon spread across the web.

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Need4Game1938d ago

Kojima clarifications speculates, Funding also needed to Remake Metal Gear. Any capable Developer who can put their own money to remake Metal Gear, are welcome.

This speculation is reinforce by the how short Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is.

Nyxus1938d ago

Wouldn't Konami provide funding for the game themselves? It would need a pretty high budget I think.

Need4Game1938d ago

"Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance" proved that Konami don't have fund to Remake Metal Gear.

Have a Kickstarter to remake Metal Gear is one possible way to raise fund.

listenkids1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )


Abusing Kickstarter for what it's actually for saddens me, it's like Zach Braff asking for money for a film he's making ( a legitimate case )- he's well established and knows people, so is Kojima and MGS as a series.

Mounce1938d ago

Rising didn't have problems because of funding(But am used to you using inaccurate information, so what else is new)

The team that was making Rising was Kojima's staff trying their skills at something completely different, it was a genre that they weren't used to and it was completely alien to them and Kojima saw that they're the kind of staff that go about every nook and cranny with detail and precision. That and the engine wasn't the same that Platinum used. It wasn't about funding but the fact that the team would've taken too long and it'd end up being like Duke Nukem Forever and turn into wasteful vaporware. Kojima saw that his task to his team was too great of a leap in an alternate direction and sought help with Platinum whom he said he believed would do the game great justice.

So - No, Funding wasn't an issue as if it were the top priority, but down the line anything that never releases will be a Drain on money - As was L.A. Noire and DNF. Nonetheless your comment is false

aetze1938d ago

"Funding wasn't an issue as if it were the top priority, but down the line anything that never releases will be a Drain on money".

Funding "Metal Gear Solid: Rising" has become an Issue, when it drains Money. Konami quickly turns it into "Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance" to recover the money they lost.

You're totally right on that.

Kran1938d ago

Just Add Water would.

Soldierone1938d ago

At the same time look at other circumstances to Rising.

-It was scrapped, then scrapped, then finally made by an outsourced developer.

-It was a gamble to begin with. This isn't Solid, it didn't revolve around Snake, it had a new approach. Fans knew it, Konami knew it, and we all knew it wasn't going to sell like MGS. So why dump MGS amounts of money into it?

-This is an MGS remake. Even if its subpar its going to sell millions. Fans have been begging for it for how long?

There is a difference between investing in something that could potentially take off, and investing in something that is for sure going to take off. To cut funds to an MGS remake will only hurt them in the long run. This isn't rising, its a known game with a massive fanbase that will buy it as soon as you announce it.

aetze1938d ago

Konami lost money on Rising, Revengeance was the attempt to recover their money back.

But that's the past.

Success of Metal Gear Legacy, hopefully will fulfill Fans demands for Remakes.

Mounce1938d ago

@aetze - Oh hey look! A quote without a source! How original!

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Nyxus1938d ago

@ Need4Game: I don't get it. How does Rising prove that? The reason it was outsourced was because Kojima Productions couldn't get the gameplay right. But it's still published by Konami.

Need4Game1938d ago

Remaking Metal Gear cost money.
Konami don't have money to remake Metal Gear.
MGR:R is short is because Konami don't have money to make it long.
Difficulty in Gameplay development cost more money.

non-relation between money & game-development, is illogical. No money, no game.

not all hope is lost. Metal Gear Solid V Online Multiplayer expected to generate income for future Metal Gear games.

Nyxus1938d ago

Metal Gear Rising was short because it's a fast paced action game. Also, that game has development issues to begin with, and the entire first version was scrapped. So Konami had money to do that. I doubt they couldn't fund a remake if they can fund a massive project such as MGSV. Of course, that doesn't mean they will, but I do think they can.

Donnieboi1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )


Konami doesn't have the money to remake mgs 1?

Are you their accountant?

I'm serious, are you? Because I got some [angry] messages for you to send back to Konami about them shutting down my beloved MGO... /sarcasm

Need4Game1938d ago

Konami having limited money, have no effect in remaking Metal Gear games, is illogical.

To reinforce my point.
1. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker(2010) is on PSP, because developing for PS3 is too Expensive.
2. Konami Reselling Metal Gear HD in Metal Gear Legacy.
3. Its Illogical for Konami to have Unlimited Money, unless you have the cheat codes.

Konami don't have the money to Remake Metal Gear right now.


Let's hope "Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection" can get enough money to fund the Remakes.

Nyxus1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Well... obviously you're right about them not having unlimited money. But I don't think MGSV is cheap to produce either. And they are making that right now. While I can't be sure, I assume a remake would be cheaper to make than this whole new game.

icewater851938d ago

Or the reason they are not remaking it is because Kojima and his team is busy making MGS5.

Joe9131938d ago

He said they do not have the time not the money how they not going to have the money when they making MGSV on all systems plus he said there are 3 games after MGSV so how do then not have the money how short MGR:R was plat choice really there were alot of things they did in that game that Kojima said he would not have done but he liked it.

Soldierone1938d ago

So in other words, Konami doesn't want to pay for it, but can't wait to bank off it?

aetze1938d ago

Of course Konami doesn't want to Pay for it, they don't have the money.

Of course they want to Bank on it, because they need to make more Metal Gear.