PS4 architect explains PS3's 'weak' launch and 'primitive' development environment

PlayStation 4's lead system architect Mark Cerny has admitted that PlayStation 3 had a "weak lineup" of titles available at launch, while explaining the difficulties the hardware and software teams faced in the build-up to PS3's release.

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TrevorPhillips4036d ago

I'm truly happy that he took over the PS4! It is friendly development, powerful and so on. Thank you Mark and the team at Sony for the tremendous work.

alb18994036d ago ShowReplies(20)
RiPPn4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

@alb1899: Like Microsoft's launch is so much better? Both are fairly weak from a first party perspective. And Sony was far from boring, they showed a lot of diversity especially in all the indie games they showed with titles like Octodad and Transistor being some peoples best of show. Also Sony isn't done as they have said more to be announced at Gamescom and TGS.

I think you just got overly excited by teaser trailers to games that won't be here for another year and multiplats that will be on the PS4 as well.

alb18994036d ago

Is not trolling man, maybe is true that SONY will reveal more titles before launch but until now I don't see what to buy first day.
From Microsoft I will buy just Titan fall and Battle field (Batlefield is not exclusive) maybe Forza too, but I don't like kill zone so i will wait until infamous is out......is just my taste, don be aggressive with me! ;)

Unicron4036d ago

Titanfall isn't a launch title though. It's late 2014 iirc

BlackTar1874036d ago

360 fans just last year would say xbox never shows stuff that isn't out with in the year. Now like 50% of their titles they showed have no release date or are late 2014'ish

pixelsword4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

@ Unicron:

Then it is a launch title (heh, heh, heh...) :)

awi59514035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

The 360 lauch wasnt weak at all on day one. I got condemned criminal origins, Project gotham racing, geometry wars, Graw one that never came to ps3, Elder scrolls oblivion came out the next month, Call of duty 2, perfect dark zeros multiplayer was fun for 32 players on console/ and Kameo was a fun kids game. And burnout revenge was at launch or close to it. I had all those games in the first month of 360 launch i didnt have anywhere near that many on PS3 launch.

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hellvaguy4035d ago

Ps4 has low end laptop components (except for overkill on ram).

StoneyYoshi4035d ago

Idiot comment of the day right above me guys!

jeffgoldwin4035d ago

Really they are kinda mid-range laptop components, but maybe considered closer to low end in 6 months from now when it launches.

Hicken4035d ago

No surprise to see jeff supporting someone else saying something inane and ridiculously, obviously wrong.

Since you decided to throw insults around in PM and then block me, jeffgoldwin:

Considering you still haven't actually said anything worth paying attention to...

You know what? On second thought, you don't have to say anything more. Your insult-filled response, devoid of anything remotely resembling an argument based on fact or any sort of evidence, says all I need to know.

For future reference, though, you should try a little harder to not just GIVE the discussion/debate/argument to the other person, as you've just done.

pete0074035d ago

Ps4 is a supercomputer!!
It ll be the first console To have a statue and maybe a boulevard's name!!
Dont speak the truth man, it hurts bad!!!

dredgewalker4035d ago

So find a low end or mid range laptop with PS4 parts and build one. The stupidity of some trolls amaze me to no end.

hellvaguy4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

I already bought a gaming laptop last year that has faster specs than consoles + a ssd hard drive, so why would I build a slower one? I do like x86 and the new controllers though.

As usual I see Hicken on here stirring up things and being a sarcastic jerk as usual. Nothing new there.

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first1NFANTRY4036d ago

The first step to moving forward is admitting you have a problem. I respect Mr Cerny and clearly Sony def made some mistakes with the ps3 launch. Looks like they've corrected their wrongs with the ps4. We could have a ps2 reincarnation on our hands here. I'm just excited for next gen.

Cro_Gamer4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Though the success of the PS4 is inevitable, I highly doubt it will be close to the sensation that was the PS2.

miyamoto4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

PS2 x 2 = PS4

Mark Cerny knows his stuff.
An American who found success in Japan
He has a good grasp of the east and west
He has been at the beginning of it all
His experience and knowledge of video gaming is unmatched
He made his own video game arcade hit at the age of 16

The Japanese rock star engineer culture of Sony has long been gone since 2008
Ken Kutaragi's hardware centric reign has ended
Now Mark Cerny's software focused reign has begun

And now Kaz Hirai is elevated to god status XD

MWong4036d ago

You won't know if the PS4 will be the console sensation like the PS2 until 2 years from now. As it stands now the PS4 is on course to have a phenomenal launch like the PS2.

I am glad they went to a more universal architecture. It makes things a lot easier for game developers, allowing them to allocate their resources better. Kudos for the powerhouse that Sony created, can't wait to get my PS4.

I am still interested in seeing how "cloud computing," is really going to work still.

wolokowoh4036d ago

Proportionally, it will probably not be as dominant. However It could still hit 150 million because the market has grown and continues to grow.

N4g_null4035d ago

There is no ff7 game incoming.. I'm expecting a ps3 launch again.all of songs heavy hitters got over hyped and under delivered this gen. The perfect score ruined a lot. It actually cost more to compete on the ps4. The cost savings to develop isn't there any more.

We will see though.

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Anon19744036d ago

I've never understood this idea that the PS3 had a weak launch. A week launch compared to what? When you look at the numbers, despite the PS3's high price point, the console was selling almost on par with the PS2's launch numbers for well over a year until the recession took hold in 2008. That's where, when you line up the PS2 and PS3 sales figures the charts diverge.

It's really quite incredible when you think about how expensive the PS3 was at launch. And no one wrings their hands about a "weak" Xbox 360 launch, but the PS3 outsells the 360 by over 3 million consoles in it's first 2 years compared to the 360's first two years, and it's launch was "weak"? I just don't get what people base that on. Sony's initial sales projections were off, as were the 360's, and needed to be revised downward at the start, but to say sales were weak...compared to what? That other $600-700 console that hit the market?

maniacmayhem4036d ago

I guess you would have to ask this Sony guy who actually admitted to the PS3's weak launch as did every other game analysis and journalist at the time.

I'm sure you won't get the answer from us N4G posters. Even though I'm sure you would get some arm chair details.

I myself have no clue but the launch was definitely not as successful as the PS2's. I can only compare it to when myself and friends were all out in packs trying to get a ps2 compared to not even trying or waiting for the price to go down when the PS3 launched.

andibandit4036d ago

Back before we knew much about ps3, wouldnt you have expected the ps3, to do even better than it' predessessor?. Also the ps2 was so popular i think most people expected the ps3 to send ms crawling out of the console business, ....but we know that didnt happen.

Anon19744036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

The Sony guy said no such thing. The Sony guy here said the launch lineup was weak. But look at the sales anyway. You can say the PS3 launch wasn't as successful as the PS2 launch, but the sales say it was pretty damn close despite the PS3's price. So if you're not basing the "weak" launch thing off sales, what is it being based on? That's what I'm curious about. It's not like the sales numbers are secret or anything. Anyone can go to Sony's Investor relations site and look them up.

The PS2 10.6 million consoles in it's first 5 quarters. The PS3 had 10.4 million in it's first 5 quarters. Now there's maybe an extra month there where the PS3 was available, but still, we're looking at each console hitting 10 million in a year and a bit. So it's pretty clear the PS3 didn't do too badly, even if it didn't hit PS2 numbers, so what the hell was everyone on about at the time? It didn't hit expectations, but that's not the same thing as a "weak" launch when you compare it to other console launches. And these are Sony's numbers, not some made up, fan site crap.

This guy never says in this article that the PS3 launch was "weak". He says the launch lineup was weak. So why the misleading headline? Again, it's just an example of the media continuing that "PS3 weak" launch myth, based on god knows what, while the 360 which had a far worse launch by comparison receives a complete pass. There's really no comparison when you look at the PS3 launch and the 360. The 360 has been handily outsold head 2 head ever since it had competition.

I guess if it bleeds, it leads, and Sony's downfall with the PS3 was being parroted over and over again despite the actual sales figures. It just looks like hit mongering, and it's still going on. How many articles did we see about what a weak launch it was, or how Sony was doomed with the PS3, or what a dismal failure Blu-Ray turned out to be, etc..etc?

JackBNimble4035d ago

was he not talking about a week launch for ps3 tittles/games?

insomnium24035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )


"I'm sure you won't get the answer from us N4G posters. Even though I'm sure you would get some arm chair details. "

LOL so official numbers are now arm chair details? Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound here?
It would be fun to see you try and counter darkride's comment.

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spunkee3114036d ago

I really didn't have an issue with the launch of PS3. Resistance and Motorstorm kept me quite busy.

My only issue, is that not all PS3 games had trophy support from the beginning. It was an after thought and then added on 2 years later. And most developers didn't go back to do a trophy patch for their games.

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WolfOfDarkness4036d ago

I heard PS4 will be released on 30/10/2013 .

Is that true ?!

wolokowoh4036d ago

Nothing confirmed. Also a rumor going a