How Grand Theft Auto 5 is reinventing one of gaming's biggest franchises | MCV India preview

Grand Theft Auto 5 is in many ways a Rockstar Games greatest hits package, encompassing many elements from past GTA games as well as from Red Dead Redemption. The result is a game that fans of open-world games simply cannot ignore. Here's why

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seanpitt231991d ago

Well this game has got its work cut out to be in the same league as the last of us.

Knowing rockstar they can do it lets just wait and see but as of now the last of us is the best game of this generation.

310dodo1991d ago


Best game ever made IMO

derek1st1991d ago

Leave it to a strum fanboy to be so narrow minded. Personally, I think skyrim is heavily flawed

madara0sama1991d ago

Last of Us and GTA V are completely different games and doesn't/shouldn't need to be compared.

Mr-SellJack1991d ago

srry but RDR still looks mile better than GTAV even in gfx...and comparing The Last of Us to GTAV is just plain stupid...TLOU hands down rapes it

koh1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Wow, how much hands on time have you gotten with that game that comes out in 3 months? None? Might want to wait a bit then to start claiming that GTAV is getting "raped" (very mature language by the way).

NihonjinChick1991d ago

I loved the random encounters in Red Dead Redemption. They gave the game so much life.

Glad to see they're on GTA V.

Wni01991d ago

gta IV had terrible shooting controls even for its time, they better fix that first.

ScamperCamper1991d ago

Let's be honest. We all wanted this game last year. It's bitter sweet because the next gen's are months away.

derek1st1991d ago

Unless you don't plan on going next gen. I don't know why everyones so hyped. Its no big deal

1991d ago
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