Xbox 360 Becomes UK’s Best Selling Console

It’s long held true that the launch of Nintendo’s Wii proposed an insurmountable challenge to the competition, with astronomical sales figures that no one could have predicted. Now however, six years later, Microsoft Studios has done the impossible, as the Xbox 360 has officially become the UK’s best selling console of the current generation.

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Automatic791992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Congratulations to MS again. First by winning game critics choice at E3 for some awesome games and now Xbox 360 becomes Uk's best selling Console.

Blankolf1992d ago

Let me smirk for a moment good sir, hmm hmm hmm, you believe that E3 was won by the Microsoft who had to reverse completelly their tactic afterwards.

I am still not sure if you're trolling or you believe in what you're saying... Hmmm...

Automatic791992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


Did you not see that MS won awards for several games. How come you consider that trolling?

Blankolf1992d ago

@MichaelLito 79 Confirm here please sir http://www.gamecriticsaward...

Microsoft - 3 Nominations
Sony Computer Entertainment - 10 Nominations

True_Samurai1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

^^ nominations doesn't mean won. So you can have 33 nominations but only get 2 awards

YNWA961992d ago

Blankolf, you won the fanboy award yesterday, now looking for the Troll award... you going for the sweep? Good luck, I support you!

Blankolf1992d ago

@TrueNinja Of course that doesn't mean won good sir, the results only are announced in 2 of July, and I did say nominations.

@Gman0174 Thank you sir and for your endorsement, i do not consider myself nor a boy nor a fan, I simple state what it is, and you, in a closecall competition won the award of most immature comment, I think you were awarded with a less 1 bubble. Congratulations good sir!

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chrismichaels041991d ago

@MichaelLito - you say MS won game Critics Choice E3 Awards? Thats odd, because every other website is reporting that Sony "dominated" MS in the Game Critics Choice E3 Awards. For that matter Sony was nominated for "Best of Show" while MS was not. Looks to me like you have your information confused.

chrismichaels041991d ago

@ MichaelLito - furthermore you are claiming MS was Already "winning game critics choice at E3" yet the results won't be posted until July 2nd. So how exactly are you claiming MS already "won awards for several games" at GCC? Please do the N4G community a favor and stop spreading lies and passing off your opinions as facts. Thank you.

Automatic791991d ago


Here are some facts.

• “Titanfall”, an Xbox platform exclusive, has been widely acclaimed as the big winner of E3 and remains the lead game across all platforms with 101 nominations and 54 wins, for global nominations and awards.

•Across US award nominations*, Xbox exclusive titles have received 168 nominations and 68 wins, more than any other next-generation platform’s exclusive lineup. Top title nominations and winning awards include:

◦“Forza Motorsport 5” earned 24 nominations and 8 wins
◦“Dead Rising 3” earned 17 nominations and 7 wins
◦“Project Spark” earned 13 nominations and 4 wins
◦“Ryse: Son of Rome” earned 11 nominations and 2 wins

chrismichaels041991d ago

@MichaelLito - You have been spreading lies on these forums claiming Xbox "already won" at the Game Critics Awards when the truth is the GCA award winners havent even been announced yet. Here is what you said, and I quote:

"Congratulations to MS again. First by winning game critics choice at E3 for some awesome games"


Here goes the link to the official GCA website where they confirm no award winners have been announced yet. And I quote: "Winners will be announced next Tuesday, July 2." This completely proves your above statement is a lie.

In the future, you should get your information straight from the official source rather than quoting misleading and biased statements from the website.

TheLyonKing1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I am at work and can't get the full link but does that mean ps2 is at the 3rd best console in the U.K or is the 360 the best selling this gen?

Either way congrats to Microsoft, they did a good job and had a good pla of action with the 360. Just ashame they didnt support it for its whole life.

Still i bought one last year and have been playing the back catelog.

moegooner881991d ago

This gen man, I believe PS2 sales in the UK back in 2009 was at 10 million, while current sales for 360 is at 8.4 million.

Blankolf1992d ago

Hmm strike me as odd these news, never heard of this GFK Chart-Track, but it seems less acurate than vgchartz and their numbers are:

1 PlayStation 2 (PS2) 55.28
2 Nintendo DS (DS) 52.07
3 Game Boy (GB) 40.05
4 PlayStation (PS) 36.91
5 Wii (Wii)33.21
6 PlayStation 3 (PS3) 31.08
7 Xbox 360 (X360) 24.27

mathsman1992d ago

GFK Chart-Track is the official sales charts company in the UK.

Blankolf1992d ago

Thank you good sir, never heard them until now.

mathsman1992d ago

No worries. And if that's VG Chartz's current numbers they are very out of date.

BillyDaSheep1992d ago

The VG Chartz numbers posted are not out of date, they are for all of Europe, not just UK

mathsman1992d ago

BillyDaSheep Yes, I'm aware that they're the EU figures, but they're still out of date.

humbleopinion1992d ago

How come BillyDaSheep got just disagrees for stating the only correct fact around this topic? VGC = Europe. GFT=UK.

DiRtY1992d ago

That my friend, was the biggest selfown ever on N4G. There is nothing you can do to turn this around. All you can do is to ask a mod if he would be so kind to delete your account.

GFK is one the largest market research companies in the world. It is the 2nd only to NPD. And not just for video games that is.

And no, it is not less accurate than VGC.
And you posted European numbers, not just UK.

testerg351992d ago

I really don't know why you use vgchartz numbers. Please read how vgchartz was started and why no company uses their numbers. Have you ever seen Nintendo, Sony, or MS respond to vgchartz numbers?

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Lone_Man1992d ago

i am a proud owner of xbox and i proudly announce that i will not gonna buy Xbone until next year (if i got favorable reviews)

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