Spartacus Legends connection issues kill game

Single player content is locked off as players cannot connect to the servers to play Spartacus Legends. Not a great advertisement for our digital future.

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THamm1939d ago

Instantly thought of XBOX1 DRM when having this issue yesterday. It was such a horrible waste of time, the game was quite good from when I got through earlier

vikingland11938d ago

I didn't get this game. But my nephew did and he kept getting a can't connect to servers message. I would be mad if that happened to me.

dazzrazz1938d ago

Thats what you get when they bait you to download shovel-ware :P

jmac531938d ago

I can't knock it because it's free but this happens all the time with games that require you to connect to their servers. How arrogant is MS to think that this would work for an entire system.