Gran Turismo 6: Real enough to confuse my body

Ben Salter of MMGN: As I veered around a step corner, I felt the subtlest of movements in my torso as if I was expecting to be vigorously ragdolled by inertia.

I don’t know how else to explain it. Gran Turismo 6, coupled with a complete racing seat, confused my body enough to have it convinced that we were actually moving and I was on the brink of certain death.

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wishingW3L1992d ago

I thought I was the only one that think that but to me GT6 has way better graphics than Driveclub.

HammadTheBeast1992d ago

I disagree, although GT6 is pushing the PS3 to its limits.

The game play build at E3 was only 35% complete so I doubt they'd have put in polish by that point.

aceitman1992d ago

there aiming to take the crown back that many sites say was taken .

Hicken1992d ago

Many sites say a lot of stuff.

Don't agree that GT6 looks better than Drive Club, though it certainly does look great.

windblowsagain1992d ago

Thing is, GT5 had stunning graphics in alot of places, Shaders, night/day/weather etc.

DRIVECLUB Does a full day/night/weather system with accurately mapped sky. Also driveclub is 35% complete and only one track shown.

But i'll be getting both. Love racing.

Software_Lover1992d ago

We say that about every release. Then when the new generation hits, we look back and wonder how did we think that game looked real.

Kietz1992d ago

It took many years and the funding from a glorified demo for them to release the good-but-not-spectacular GT5.

Booyah1992d ago

For YOU it wasn't spectacular.

BABY-JEDI1992d ago

Should have went to specsavers LoL
; P

DarkZane1992d ago

If GT6 looks this amazing on PS3, I can't wait to see what Polyphony Digital will do with PS4. It's gonna be jawdropping.

coolmastermarktwo1992d ago

yep, just like those first gt5 screens

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The story is too old to be commented.