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aquamala1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )


New for 4.46

An issue in which the XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu is not displayed after updating the system software to version 4.45 was observed. This version of the system software addresses this issue.
If the XMB™ menu is not displayed, you must perform the update by starting the system in safe mode. Select here for details

Black-Helghast1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Mine is working perfectly. Does the update bring anything new?

xPhearR3dx1942d ago

Nothing new from what was in 4.45, I think it's just a fix for those who had bricked consoles. I was in the middle of playing The Last of Us and my game froze for the first time. Restarted my PS3 and bam, system update. Kinda lame it froze my game instead of just disconnecting me from PSN but w.e

RyuCloudStrife1942d ago

right after I installed the update a brick shattered my window!

NewMonday1942d ago

waiting for beta testers first :p

Hellsvacancy1942d ago

You can now turn off trophy notifications aswel

ziggurcat1942d ago

@ xPhearR3dx:

"I was in the middle of playing The Last of Us and my game froze for the first time. Restarted my PS3 and bam, system update."

i was playing remember me when that exact thing happened... it's a good thing i got the update when i did because my internet went down about 15 minutes after the update installed (off topic: the city i live in is recovering from a flood crisis at the moment, so things like power and whatnot have been spotty this past week).


Actually I'm in 4.45 and can already turn off trophy notificaton, I guess this is just the same update as 4.46 (but 4.46 is fixed for those having problems).

But let's make it clear: problems don't mean bricking. Every update is the same thing... Update or not a shitload of PS3s die everyday, have you guys ever considered how much a 3% fail rate (rather small for electronics) means for 77+ million consoles sold? That's just above 2,3 million dead PS3s in 6,5 years, just under a thousand dead consoles per day assuming such low fail rate (i.e. could be even more, as the supposed fail rate is between 3 and 5%).

Of course people will always blame the last thing they did and when it's an update, guess what... "This update bricked my console!". Yeah, no... Not likely. Also anyway it comes to happen, "bricking" per se is not something you can fix with an update, in fact, the console wouldn't be "updaetable" anymore... If you can do as much as access safe mode, it's probably not bricked (and likely can be fixed without update too, most likely it's a broken HDD).

If your console is indeed "bricked", i.e. it won't turn on or turn itself off alone after little to no time, if you can't play any games in it (don't really matter if an update caused it or not), you are out of luck cause you probably can't update and even that most likely won't fix it, so your only chance is either warrant or paid repair.

Also, the other reason I'm so sure it's not a bricking problem is because, well, we already knew it. About a week ago on Brazillian PS Blog they had already confirmed a new update would come on the 27th to fix error 80028E06 (google it, it basically affected Super Slim models, preventing 'em to go online). As Super Slim has just started being made here in Brazil, many of my friends now got one, and all of 'em got this error after the 4.45, they could only play offline, but I had not heard from anyone I personally know about the last update bricking their console.

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NukaCola1942d ago

NEW UPDATE: You can make it so the trophies that you earn ingame don't display on screen. This is similar to what heavy rain did where the achievement doesn't distract from the game. So now the trophies just populate in the background. I can dig this.

ziggurcat1942d ago

this is good for those who are concerned about the trophy notifications disrupting the immersion element.

GDDR6_20141942d ago

Great, now how about the notifications when your friends go online or offline?

dantesparda1942d ago

Im sorry, but this is stupid why would i want to shut off the trophy popping up? And dont bubble me down just for feeling this way

TKCMuzzer1942d ago

I can't work out why people are disagreeing with you. It definitely says after the update you can disable trophy notifications.

Ozmoses1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

the little bing from the trophies popping is part of the current generation and always brings a smile.

however turning them off would be cool if you don't really care for them. I understand how some people could possibly find them annoying.

which reminds me.. there should be a way to turn off the friends notification of Online/Offline even while your online... Sometime that shit just goes crazy... so and so is offline, online, offline, online, offline, online, offline...... you get the point.

GDDR6_20141941d ago


I don't know why you can't understand. If you want it on, leave it on. I want to turn it off because I could care less about trophies, it's like getting trophies while you're in the middle of watching a movie, it ruins the immersion.

dantesparda1941d ago


I get that, but you cant get a trophy while watching a movie, its impossible. Its not like trophies are popping up every 2 seconds to be aggravating people. Now if instead it allowed you to shut off friends coming online or going offline off, then that would make better sense.

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Donnieboi1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )


Okay my ps3 is stable now. Guess this update got it right.

aceitman1942d ago

yeah my ps3 is back nothing lost ;))))

pixelsword1942d ago


I'll wait a day or so.0

TKCMuzzer1942d ago

This is bizarre, why would anyone disagree with your comment?

Bounkass1941d ago

XBox 360 players disagree'd you. And me in 3...2...1...

pixelsword1941d ago

They've been at his house and determined that in fact that his PS3 does not work just fine.


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ftwrthtx1942d ago

Maybe I should add the steps to safe mode on the article.

MikeyDucati11942d ago

That's good news for those affected by the last download. At least its just in time for the weekend.

WildArmed1942d ago

I'll probably wait a bit. Until we get the next PStore update :D

wishingW3L1942d ago

I hope this fixes some stuff because with the last update I had to reformat the HDD and as of late the PS3 has been dropping the connection way too many times. At this point I'll have to reset my UMvC3 Rank because with so many dropouts it will not go up anymore. =/

guitarded771942d ago

I would lose my freaking mind if that happened to me. I have 800gb of data on my hard drive. Last time I had to download everything, it took me three weeks of patched and going through my download list.

ziggurcat1942d ago

you know you can just plug in an external drive and use the backup utility... and when you restore the backup, *everything* transfers (including the locked save data), so there's no need to re-download anything.

guitarded771942d ago

@ ziggurcat

Not when your current HD crashes. Besides, I used back-up twice before, and it corrupted the GDU both times.

XiaoSet1942d ago

4.45 made it so whenever I turned on the PS3, whether my controller is connected or wireless, would freeze up my entire system before the XMB loaded. I would then need to unplug the power cord from the back as holding the power button for any amount of time wouldn't work at all. Every time I would turn my PS3 on after plugging the power back in, it would need to scan my HDD for corruption.

(luckily nothing ever corrupted, but I would need to do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I wanted to play anything)

FamilyGuy1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I would've just left it on, 4.45 was pulled for it causing this problem before I had a chance to download it, how long ago was the release? A week, maybe a little more? I would've left it on for all those days.

BTW, when the message pops up saying to scan for corruption you can just press circle and it'll skip the scan. Scanning is optional. When my system freezes it always pops up because "the system was shut down improperly" but I just hit circle and it loads to the user sign in screen like normal.

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