The Last of Us | Review - AWESOME/10

David Chandler offers his perspective on Naughty Dog's latest masterpiece in terms of its relationship to Cormac McCarthy, the apocalypse, and a new console generation: "With their latest effort, the team at Naughty Dog has crafted a work of art so expertly realized that I could scarcely imagine a better game to usher in the twilight of this console generation...The Last of Us strikes with such emotional and technical precision that it hits a balance between unflinching frankness and understated subtlety rarely (if at all) seen in the medium."

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flipflopfacts1938d ago

best score ever! anything less than awesome i would not recommend.

InsaneGam3r1937d ago

Man, I didn't pick this masterpice yet, buying it next week.

Utalkin2me1937d ago

I suggest, locking yourself in a dark room with a good headset or good surround sound. A experience that can not be missed.

brodychet1937d ago

prepare yourself accordingly. say goodbye to any girlfriend(s) you may have.

oakshin1937d ago

its not a fun game but its not 1 u wont 2 miss out on either i know that makes no since

i compare it 2 a orgasm it in someways it kinda hurts but its not something u regret and its satisfying

b4 i played the game i watched a adam sessler rant about "is the last of us fun" i found it odd saying he calledit one of his favorite games all time but now ive played it i understand

Utalkin2me1937d ago ShowReplies(2)
k2d1937d ago


What I understand from your post is that you were sceptical at first, but grew to understand what an awsome game it is, despite all its little faults.

Learning propper grammar though will earn you mad respect and credability.

oakshin1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I know grammar, i've finished school and I sure don't need to use it on a video game website so "learning propper (proper) grammar" isn't a issue and not something i need 2 practice on N4G(thats what u call a runon sentence)

all i was TRYING 2 say is i agree with adam sessler its not "fun" 2 play but its worth it....its an experience

all these children with their anger issues see "its not fun" and stop right there and act like im trolling r something not even reading and,or understanding the fact im comparing the game 2 a orgasm of all

theWB271937d ago

I have a PS3 sitting at home and Im kinda refusing to play until I get my TV fixed. Should I go ahead and play on a paltry 20inch sdtv or wait??? Help..


you'll be disrespecting yourself and the masterpiece that is the last of us by doing that.

theWB271937d ago

Thank you sir...stick to my guns and wait.