The Economics of Used Games

Lately there has been a lot of discussion in the industry about used games and the impact they have on developers and publishers. There is a lot of noise created with five different groups (consumers, retailers, licensors, publishers and developers) all having a stake in the fate of used games. The noise is compounded by claims made without numbers or facts to support them. Opinions run wild as there is seemingly no way to validate the claims coming from any side. All of the individual opinions make logical sense for each stakeholder, but there are no concessions from any side trying to come up with a solution that works for everyone involved.

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3-4-51938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

I took back a bunch of games to Gamestop 3-5 weeks ago, but waited until they had a good deal and walked away with $108 in store credit. Most of those games traded were DS games or Xbox 360 games.

If you know what you are doing and you are smart, you can get a ton of content/games for not a lot of money.

I have a coupon I can use before June 30th, by 2 used games and get 1 free.

I have $20 in store credit still, I could essentiall get some good old DS or PSP games and get a few of them, or maybe some used xbox 360 games.

There are plenty of options where I can walk away with 3 really good games for under $20.

Instead of paying $180 for 3 @ $60 a piece

People just need to shop smart.

I'm also a rewards member so I get points for every trade and auto 10% off of used games.....Sony fans should be familiar with that 10% off stuff.

People hate on GS and complain but most of them aren't that intelligent and they get themselves ripped off or they aren't smart enough to know how to shop good.

Restrain your impulses and do some research before you go into the store so you know what to look for and what you can expect from it.

People get butthurt about not being able to trade their used game in for $40-50, yet they will go buy $120 shoes/jordans/sneakers and not complain one time that they can't trade their shoes in for $70-80

People are stupid, and they blame others for their own ignorance.

Donnieboi1937d ago

Um...yeah. But I think this is more about how it effects the game industry, not so much about how much YOU get from it. But still, thanks for sharing.