Super Mario 3D World Wii U gameplay from Nintendo Portugal Event

Pure|News, had the chance to play 7 minutes of the upcoming Super Mario 3D world for the Wii U.

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Donnieboi1997d ago

IDGAF if Nintendo says there won't be any online--they better add it or patch it in, because a game this heavy on co-op should have it. Otherwise, it looks fun.

MrGunny941997d ago

I was playing with Nintendo's PR he dropped in out of no where lol!

There wasn't any conversation regarding the online mode so I can't say anything. I'm sorry mate :/

Donnieboi1997d ago

U shoulda pressed him man! Just kidding. But if I was there that woulda been my top question for him.

PopRocks3591997d ago

Completely agree man. This game would benefit SO much with online. It's so ridiculous that they're omitting it.

Donnieboi1997d ago

Amen. The cost of multiple Wii U pads is gonna be astronomical. Even the cost of multiple pro-pads is gonna be high. The should at least patch it in post-release (if such a thing is possible).

3-4-51997d ago

This game would sell even more with online.

The only thing I don't like about this game is that it's not on 3DS. :-(.....SM3DL was awesome.

Donnieboi1997d ago

They gotta save SOMETHING for wii U owners, though. Right?

ZeekQuattro1997d ago

For whatever reason I never got around to picking up the 3DS 3D Mario game even though it looked like fun. I will definitely pick up the Wii U version to make up for it.

N4g_null1997d ago

I beat the 3ds one while travelling. It was surprisingly good all my old trick in 2d worked yet in 3d.

BosSSyndrome1997d ago

I don't get it. Why does Ninty think that online MP somehow gimps the local? They can have both. Did the local multiplayer feel gimped in Mario Kart, or Brawl?
3DS games have online, why do so many Wii U games not? Sonic lost world has Online MP for 3ds, but not on Wii U!
What is the point of having a new competent online system, unlike the Wii, if the games using it don't come til 2 years after the console using it launches?
One of the selling points for 3D World is the co-op, so why be restricted to local?

N4g_null1997d ago

If you could leave the other player behind then that would work yet online could prove to be annoying. I won't mind co op since I do have local friends.

Online could be fun though and I could see them making one eventually.

sarcastoid1997d ago

Literally nothing about this looks like it needed the updated hardware of Wii U.

Neonridr1997d ago

except for the fact that it will be running natively in 720p with all the particle and lighting effects. Original Wii hardware wouldn't be able to handle that at all.

sarcastoid1996d ago

That leap in hardware should provide much more eye candy than a bump in overall resolution. And there certainly doesn't appear to be any lighting effects based on the footage I've seen. Mario Kart 8, for example, has a much bigger leap in graphics which I was hoping to see mirrored with this new mario game.