Come Stare at Toukiden’s Sharp New Screens

More screens have been released for Tecmo Koei’s PS Vita and PSP demon hunting game Toukiden.

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dedicatedtogamers1939d ago

It definitely looks good. This'll probably be my next "hunting" game now that I've mostly wrapped up my playtime with Soul Sacrifice. Dragon's Crown should keep me busy, too.

Andreas-Sword1939d ago

I hope this game comes to the PS3!

sherimae24131938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

well maybe.....or maybe not or never
tell me out of those "Hunting Action" games out there

monster hunter
phantasy star
god eater
soul sacrifice
freedom wars

is there even one of them hit the PS3?
as you can see even sony's soul sacrifice and the upcoming freedom wars are VITA exclusive

but all hope is not lost, because Ragnarok odyssey Ace is also coming to PS3 this year ^_^

belac091939d ago

damn im getting more and more anxious for this game!