Holy Crap: Kavinsky Gets His Own Retro Crime-Fighting Game

Gaming Blend "Wow, I never thought I would be so excited for a mobile phone game, but I am! Kavinsky, best known to only a few people as the guy who provided a few awesome tracks to that Ryan Gosling movie, Drive, has his very own game that features his very own soundtrack. The undead, Testarossa driving, zombie-crime fighter is unleashing all his fury on evil doers this July for mobile devices."

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AedanClarke1940d ago

Well, damn. While the game looks... decent, I guess, at least by mobile standards, I'm just happy he's getting something. The man's one of my favorite musical artists, and this should serve as at least a somewhat entertaining piece to play while listening to some Kavinsky.

B_Rian891940d ago

whenever I play Hotline Miami I think of Kavinsky

Timesplitter141940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I still don't understand why people bother making mobile games. I like his music but that game just looks plain bad

ironfist921940d ago

Freaking awesome! Makes me wish for a Daft Punk game