9 Most Enjoyable Weapons In Video Games

WC - The primary directive of our most popular video games is to provide a player with an item capable of wreaking damage on the environment and NPC’s whilst at the same time providing a fun gaming experience.

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snipab8t1944d ago

Good list. Damn I loved the Euclid's C Finder in F:NV. I would have put the Lancer from GOW, nothing more satisfying than sawing a locust in half. Also from GOW, I would have put in the Torque Bow, damn that gun was fun.

Hufandpuf1944d ago

i think my fav GoW weapon was the mortar launcher. It felt so good killing 3 people in a perfectly timed rain of death.

snipab8t1944d ago

True that, most of the weapons in Gears have a great, heavy feeling. Cleaver is epic too.

mochachino1944d ago

The guns in Killzone 3 were surprisingly enjoyable. Very visceral feeling when firing.