10 Videogame Characters Who Inexplicably Survived A Sh*tload Of Punishment

WC - Without a health system, most games would be unplayable. They invest every action with risk, be it whether you jump to that low platform, or whether you steam head-first into those sword-carrying brutes. In essence, they put a sense of urgency into a game, and let you know one of the world’s fundamental rules still apply – that every action has a reaction. But there have always been games which choose to flout this immortal principle, creating characters not so much blood and bone but titanium and spite.

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Mr_Nuts2031d ago

*** 1. Niko Bellic – Grand Theft Auto IV ***


I could think of a ton more characters which have went through more then him...Lara Croft, Jason Brody, Joel/Ellie, Ezio Auditore, Nathan Drake

BosSSyndrome2031d ago

How about when Joel was impaled through his abdomen...

StockpileTom2031d ago

Solid Snake had to crawl though a damn microwave hallway... how is THAT not on this list lol