Picture of a PS4 Bundle with PlayStation Camera and Knack Leaked

A mysterious picture that portrays very similar elements to the contents of the PS4 box, but seems to add to the bundle a copy of Knack and the PlayStation 4 Camera has surfaced.

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BattleReach1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Knacky Knacky Knack

blitz06231967d ago

If true, probably a $499 bundle which still gives more value than the normal Xbox One bundle, though I guess it costs MS more to make a Kinect camera... ah who am I kidding, it's Microsoft - it's all about greed.

MuleKick1967d ago

I'll take the Ultimate bundle:
PS4, PSV, Camera & Watch Dogs.
Make that $700 and Sony, you have my money!!

Donnieboi1967d ago

I want a Silver or Grey PS4, so it kinda reminds me of the PS1 that my sister passed down to me. What a magnificent system THAT was! JRPG's galore!

I_am_Batman1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

I'll probably get exactly that bundle + Watchdogs or Killzone - or both.

Edit: Oh wait it's with the camera? I'll get the one without it.

darthv721967d ago

the full package right there.

imXify1967d ago

Put this against the Xbox One at 500$ lol.

Transporter471967d ago

I think they will do just that.

Abriael1967d ago

This bundle may very well never be. There are several rumors floating around about camera bundles being scrapped, so this may be just a relic of that, who knows

wastedcells1967d ago

Probably an amazon or GameStop bundle. Maybe a Black Friday bundle. But I doubt this is what rumour say is something they ditched at last minute to come in at less then X1. Sony was never one for launch bundles.

LackTrue4K1967d ago

@ retailers they should place both consoles side by side....

BitbyDeath1967d ago

Might get this bundle if it comes to Australia.

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The story is too old to be commented.