The Last of Us Winter Cover Render

You may have seen this image circulating around the internet but we wanted to get out the full, high resolution version of it for everyone to witness. While we are taking a bit of time to celebrate a successful launch for The Last of Us we are also hard at work on the new season pass DLC we're creating. We'll have more details about the DLC as well as how successful our launch was in the coming weeks but for now enjoy this cover render by Naughty Dog concept artist Maciej Kuciara

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HammadTheBeast1992d ago

Beautiful art for a beautiful game.

Good times in that building in the back.

minimur121991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

he.. he.... he was gonna..... he was gonna....

Dammit, wrong building.
more like this:

And, and, then she came in, and this happened, and then that guy came in.....

you can't escape your past..

trenso11992d ago

Can't wait to see what the DlC will be I'll be working on the plat until then, i wonder if they will patch out all the glitched trophies in the game if it can be patched that is.

minimur121991d ago

trophies aint glitched..... there just isnt any ;D

trenso11991d ago

no lol some of them are i completed the firefly trophy and it didnt pop up but when i did the hunter trophy it did pop up(this is multiplayer btw) and even the trophy guide says most trophes are glitched, just that was the only one that glitched out for me so far