We Could’ve Waited A Few Years For PS4 and Xbox One

TQ author writes: With next generation gaming consoles only months away from release, there have been many great games shown to help consumers understand and visualize next-gen gaming for both the PS4 and Xbox One. Gameplay is typically the most important thing to gamers, however, nothing really says next-gen better than amazing looking graphics. It has happened a few times in gaming, that OMG effect that leaves people with their jaws dropped. Unfortunately this upcoming generation is not on of those times… yet.

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Prcko1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

yeah,let's w8 till 2020 -.-
no,this was alrdy 2 long

camel_toad1939d ago

Yeh its obvious from games like The Last of Us that graphically speaking the only thing holding back developers is the current hardware.

The ps3 and xbox have been sucked dry. Time to move on.

BullyMangler1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

games arent just bout grafix, plus Resi 1 remake for gamecube LOOKS more skill than Last of Us < fact

We can most certainly wait longer for ps4 xbone like we supposed to.

Nintendo with out of the blue wiiU reveal are the ones to blame for these rushed machines . cool huh

Donnieboi1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

@BullyMangler; The RE 1 remake used pre-rendered CG backgrounds and lighting techniques to look that good. Plus, by freeing up the hardware's power by using pre-rendered backgrounds, it allowed them to push the polygonal prowess of the Gamecube to make extremely high-poly-count 3d models for the few things that even WERE actually 3d (characters, zombies, a couple of items, etc)

So THAT is why it looked so good (even by today's HD standards). It's all smoke and mirrors man. That doesn't mean that current or next gen isn't more powerful than the ps2, NGC, and Xbox (original) generations.

Eidolon1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Why can't we go back to those days, though? Why does everything have to be so graphical and rendered in real-time if it already looks amazing.... FF7-9, RE1-3, Parasite Eve....etc.. omg, they all used pre-rendered backgrounds, and they looked so good back in the day(and there were better looking games at that time), and are STILL awesome to play, the dated graphics don't phase most true gamers...

dedicatedtogamers1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

The problem is that Sony is the only one supporting the older consoles. You can't keep a generation going if most of the key players aren't making games for their consoles anymore.

Nintendo stopped supporting the Wii after SkyWard Sword and Kirby Return to Dreamland. Microsoft slowed - but didn't stop - core support for 360 in 2010 when they shifted focus to Kinect. The last "core" 360 game was GoW:Judgement several months ago...nothing since then.

EDIT @ below

WoT is a port. How is that support? Titanfall's port on 360 is being handled by a different team. And Project Spark is on the 360? News to me. Apparently you don't understand the concept of what supporting your console means. Third-party game support is exactly the opposite of "supporting your own console".

No_Limit1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

"The problem is that Sony is the only one supporting the older consoles."

What are you talking about? The World of Tank, Titanfall, Project Spark, every third party game support imaginable and introducing a new slim model, I call that support. I just got State of Decay a few days ago as well.

Foliage1939d ago

The 360 had gotten to a "State of Decay" years ago.

BullyMangler1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

(Donnie boi)

yyep, capcom was being creative

. it still takes UNIQUE skills to do what they did with Resi 1 remake . .lots of skill <

is not just some lazy trick this game . .those aren't just pictures, them pre-rendered's are actually alive, they move, they breathe.

. . . theres even parts in that game that arent pre-rendered that look ps3, like the snake boss, the in game water, the sharks from tank = marvelous. no tricks just skills .

even you said . " by freeing up the hardware's power by using pre-rendered backgrounds, it allowed them to push the polygonal prowess of the Gamecube to make extremely high-poly-count 3d models" = genius skillz

B-radical1939d ago

We already waited a few years for them! screw this article

Bigpappy1939d ago

Yea. I play very little now because Game don't emerge me enough anymore. The all fell dated because of the limitations. I need my games to fell more advanced that what I played 6 years ago. I was ready for an upgrade about 2 yrs ago. Let get going. People who want to stay with current gen do not have to upgrade. Those consoles will be well supported if they don't.

CrimsonStar1939d ago

I agree , About two years ago I started to get the next gen itch really bad.

shivvy241939d ago

yea, i think it was after uncharted 3 that i felt that

3-4-51938d ago

If people expect it to be like going from SNES to N64 every single time then they will be disappointed.

The jumps from earlier gens were more noticeable because the polygons were so noticeable we could count them with our own eyes.

Things are more complex now and it's harder for the average person to notice a difference.

If you look closely, there will be plenty of small things in games this gen that will make you say " F*** yea that was awesome" and it won't be because of some huge douchey michael Bay explosion...

If will be because of some minor detail that you never thought would be included in the game and having it look that realistic.

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Godmars2901939d ago

No. We should have waited for the PS3 and 360. That/this console cycle was rushed and broken.

pr0t0typeknuckles1939d ago

SO TRUE! this is the first generation where i have had or heard of console failures,its was unheard of,then half of the games that came out were unfinished.

B-radical1939d ago

I remember when my ps3 fatty died it did last a good 2 years but i still wasnt happy My xbox 360 harddrive screwed up had to buy a new one wasn't happy....I hope with the new architecture there isnt many problems this time round

CrimsonStar1939d ago

Never thought about that .I....I... have to lay down .

KillrateOmega1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )


Game devs had already been hitting a plateau with what could be done with current-gen tech. An upgrade would have been and is very much appreciated.

THEDON82z11939d ago

While I am personally ready to upgrade my ps3 to ps4..I do feel like with the ps3 it could have used one more year of being maxed out...I do however relies that because of xbox360 being fully maxed and dying software wise and multiplatform developers wanting new hardware the show must continue(AT-LEAST FOR THE GENERAL HEALTH OF INDUSTRY)!!! SO F&$K IT...LETS ROLL= 4>1!!!!

aviator1891939d ago

nope, i'm ready for them. :)

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