Tomb Raider (1996) - A Look At One Of Gaming's Most Influential Games

CGUK writes:
"So there it was. The archaic doors slammed behind me. An abrupt silence drowned out the noise.
Thoughts of unease flooded my conscience, for I was alone, with a single way out..
There was no going back."

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GDDR6_20141967d ago

It's the first game that people don't play games would want to watch you play

Morgue1966d ago

That game was a blast and TR2 is still my favorite.

Cam9771963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

I agree with you, TR1 is a blast but TR2 is my absolute favourite.

Dannehkins1966d ago

Remember getting Tomb Raider 1 for christmas. Probably my single most favourite game ever, because everything else stemmed from there.

bjmartynhak1966d ago

I remember that I found the gameplay really lame but kept playing... because... well, you know :p

NihonjinChick1966d ago

This game frustrated me so much. I couldn't stand the camera.

I didn't finish it until I dusted it off a few months after I started. I did have tons of fun in certain parts though.

GentlemenRUs1966d ago

A classic right there! Still got the FAT case on the PS1 :D

Not only that but I also have it on PC as well as my PS3.

If you don't like this, Then you don't like gaming...

GentlemenRUs1966d ago

Haha, Screw the New-Generation of gamers! Play some old games then come back with your arguments...

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The story is too old to be commented.