'The Elder Scrolls Online' for PS4 and Xbox One is fundamentally identical to PC

XMNR: One of the big announcements at E3 was that The Elder Scrolls Online was headed to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in addition to its planned PC release. Zenimax Online lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle said in an interview released Wednesday that the MMORPG will remain relatively unchanged between the PC and next-gen console versions.

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Supermax1942d ago

Can't wait to play this on ps4

Deividas1942d ago

Likewise, was going to pick it up for PC but since ill be paying for online anyways on PS4 :p why nott

sweendog1942d ago

Just a thought. Can you buy houses in ESO? If so looking forward to waiting for a friend to go off on a quest, then break into his home and trash it. Also can i marry female players and order them to stay at home, make me stuff and make sure people dont trash my house?

No_Limit1942d ago

Add this game to my Xbox One lineup next year. Can't wait to see the arrow to the knee @ 60fps!

Sarobi1942d ago

Despite getting a PS4, this will be something I grab for PC.

JackBNimble1942d ago

I was thinking the samething, although I'll be playing the beta on the ps4.

Fireseed1942d ago

If only they had identical servers....

(Meaning cross platform play)

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The story is too old to be commented.