Bayonetta 2 & The Wonderful 101 hands-on preview – double Platinum | Metro

Metro: "We’ve said before that Platinum Games are probably our favourite developer working today. All their games have shown a mix of imagination and mechanical excellence that makes them the masters of modern arcade gaming. What also impresses us is that in four years they’ve not made a single sequel. Although we’re not naïve enough to think that’s because they have some moral objection to them, but instead it’s because none of the games have been big enough hits to justify it.

Their greatest work remains 2009’s Bayonetta, which was only a minor success for Sega and given that publishers’ limited resources a sequel looked impossible. But unexpectedly Nintendo took Platinum under their wing and not only paid for the creation of Bayonetta 2 but also signed up new game The Wonderful 101 (née Project P-100). We’ve now been able to play both of them and our opinion of Platinum’s abilities is not diminished in the slightest."

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lilbroRx1939d ago

Nintendo with the best third party games of the next gen.

PerryCaravello1939d ago

That would be PS4/XboxOne.

exfatal1939d ago

Nintendo with the best third party exclusives

Venox20081938d ago

with one of the best third party devs for sure :) both games definatly buy :)

Chupa-Chupa1939d ago

Wii U is has over 70 games coming in 2013-2014 it's not looking too bad. The problem is that Nintendo is taking a life time to release any good stuff like NOW!

jcnba281939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Both these games are day one buys for me!