Gaming as comfort food: the games we play when the world sucks

The PA Report: "We lose ourselves in different forms of entertainment whenever we’re depressed, down, or simply grumpy. Some people put on a favorite song, or a certain movie, but I’d like to talk about video games. There are certain games that always make me feel good when I play them, or at least comforted. These are the gaming equivalents of a warm blanket, or a nice grilled cheese sandwich. I think we also have a game or two that we turn to when things get bad, so let’s talk about it for a bit."

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DoubleJumpAUS1992d ago

Thought-provoking. I wish that more content producers would focus on why people play games, versus what games they play for really superficial stretches of time. By talking right away about older titles and platforms, this article makes it clear that the psyche of someone who plays games for a release is more complex than "Graphics! Splosions! Yay!"

theWB271992d ago

Mine used to be pilotwings...there was a song that played when you would hang glide at night on the beach.

Check youtube...the hangglider music

SquareEnixFan1992d ago

Bloodrayne games, Final Fantasy X and X-2, and any Suikoden other than the 4th one are some of the games that always put me in a good mood.

MikeyDucati11992d ago

Very good article. I was going through a rough time when Skyrim came out. I bought it and I just lost myself in it for hours and hours. Every decision and action I made were reflections of what I wished I could change or mistakes I wished I could have corrected. Skyrim helped me get through a rough time. And it taught me some things about myself. Listening to Paarthurnax gives words of wisdom really helped sooth some of my aches. I would of never thought that an NPC character would give me words of encouragement like the elder dragon did. I was even highly upset (and very few games can cause such a strong reaction to me) with the NPCs who wanted Paarthurnax to die just because he was "part of the problem". I reluctantly went up the hill and hoped that Bethesda gave me an option to not kill him. If it wasn't there, I was just going to leave.

So yea, gaming has been my comfort food. And thank you Bethesda for Skyrim. It's a special game for me because it taught me about a hero's redemption. Something I truly needed at the time.

And compliments to the author. A great piece indeed.