Shuhei Yoshida Responds On Ign Article About Sacrificed PS4 Camera To Beat Microsoft On Price

Shuhei Yoshida Responds, Everything is true except....

-Mika-4045d ago

It not funny... Yoshida twitter reply to scott sounded really unprofessional and when scott replied backed and brings up a valid point about PS4 eye camera support. Yoshida ignores him and just post a smiley. Yoshida did not handle this situation well and he did not answer the question about support for the PS4 eye. I have a feeling the ps4 eye camera might turn out just like the ps3 camera.

Mr_Nuts4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

That's nice dear

I mean Scott dosen't even have a clue anyway, look at his last tweet

*** Odd that many are interpreting the PS4 camera story as a dig at Sony. Not at all. But the future of motion control for PS4 IS seemingly grim ***

See that last part "future of motion control is grim"...who cares, most of us don't give a flying f*** about motion control. We should be glad it's just an option with limited support then like Kinect where it's shoved down your throat...IGN should know this but instead Scott makes it seem like it's a bad thing when it's not

How people get good jobs like this baffles me, it really does

Majin-vegeta4045d ago

All i hear is bla bla bla.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4045d ago

Shuhei knows the people at IGN very well. He was just correcting them.

Lionalliance4045d ago

You got no sense of humor whatsoever lol, sad.

BIGBOSS084045d ago

it should end up like the PS3 camera, an irrelevant extra. consoles dont need cameras.

WalterWJR4045d ago

Take popular subject, criticise it and praise the opposite. Basic trolling 101.

I will give you one thing tho, you are bloody persistent.

ballisticvoodoo4045d ago

The "journalist" didn't handle the conversation professionally. Yosh said everything was correct but.... Then the so called "journalist" goes on to henpeck about not having strong support for the ps4 camera? Typical tabloid journalist BS. Yes I know IGN is not a tabloid but that doesn't mean the hacks they hire as journalists aren't.

gamer424045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

You can hear text? Cool.
don't you guys have a sense of humor?

Utalkin2me4045d ago

Sony could have bundled the camera in and still beat MS on price. they would have done a camera bundle and PS4 for 349.99. Considering we already know the camera is 59.99 stand alone.

3-4-54045d ago

Do we buy gaming consoles for games or camera's ?

Do we buy camera's to take pictures, or to game ?


People make the biggest deal out of stuff that rarely matters and the stuff that does matter rarely gets talked about.

VitaOwner4045d ago

Why do you still have bubbles?

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Lord_Sloth4044d ago

@ Masterdon

It's very hard to even try and take you seriously with your incessant use of the letter Z and typing "u" as a substitute for "you".

Groo4044d ago

can i ask you this, would you have bought a PS4 if the camera did come bundled with the PS4? Would that have caused you to jump off of MS's boat? I have a feeling your answer is no..

Syntax-Error4044d ago

Only real gamers know this is the case. Only fanboys will dismiss the fact that Sony dropped the $100 off because the EYE is not comparable to Kinect as far as funtionality and doesnt constitute the price increase. If the EYE could do motion detection and voice recognition that integrates with the function of the console then you would have seen a $499 PS4

Nick_5154044d ago

He is friends with a lot of IGN. It was just a joke, but kind of correcting him at the same time. Shuhei is a really fun guy. He is always joking with them over Twitter.

illtornworld4044d ago

There was no situation, lol, its just a stupid camera and price

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--Onilink--4045d ago

Well it doesnt sound particularly promising that was the only thing he could say about the article. I understand that most people here(me included) could care less about the pseye. But in the end its a piece of tech that costs Sony R&D/ marketing money and they have effectively killed it. Just as any other peripheral on any console that is not included on every device

ZodTheRipper4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Yeah Sony killed the cam to save the console but Microsoft killed the whole console with it's always-on, always-listening cam ...I prefer Sony's approach and will probably get a camera some day, but I don't want to be forced to buy/use one.

Hayabusa 1174045d ago

Are you trolling or being sarcastic? Or do you work for Sony's R&D department?

First of all they haven't spent any money marketing it because it hasn't been released yet. Secondly, yes, it's Sony's money, they can spend it on whatever they want. Do you have any idea how much cash these companies are prepared to risk on R&D? That's why it's "research and developement" they already know that every idea won't be making a return.

Sony, who have already spent money developing the device, have decided the camera isn't worth putting in the PS4 box for some reason...but you want them to anyway because we should feel sorry for their investment?

I just don't get it.

MWong4045d ago

Was the PS4 originally going to be released with a camera. The likelihood of that is yes. Smart move by Sony to not add that additional $50 on it's consumers.

I don't think I will ever purchase or have a need for the camera. Didn't get it with my PS2-PS3, never saw the need.

So thank you Sony for not shoving it down my throat.

YoungKingDoran4045d ago

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Bubble up for making fun of Mika

GunsAndTheBeast4044d ago

Yeah the camera is one thing, i like at how IGN made it look like Sony is hiding something too.. making it look bad. But the reality is that when you compare both the advantages of between the two consoles is that, PS4 you lose the camera, which is not that useful anyway, also having to pick to get a camera or not is good unlike Xbone they actually force you to pick one.

The logic here is that, with the PS4 you have a choice.

Also, the specs between the two, PS4 is on the winning side, and you don't get the headset for the xbone, you have to buy it separately. You gain something, you lose something.

--Onilink--4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

not understanding most of the replies... (the disagrees were obvious because it was a "negative" comment about Sony).

I am not saying Sony that I would prefer the idea of a PSEYE being included on every console, because I could care less about it, the one I got on PS3 I had it for less than a month before I sold it.

Im just stating(just like the article does) that Sony has effectively killed almost every change they had at making the PSEYE succesful. As it has happened with almost any device that is not included with every console (wii motion + adapter, pseye, even kinect sales pale in comparison to the amount of 360s sold). So im just talking about the other side of the coin, while im perfectly happy to just pay $400 and let sony be the one who decides what to do with the device

@Hayabusa 117

I particularly liked your idea that if I find something I dont agree/like about a console I have to be either trolling or sarcastic. I had forgotten that these companies are perfect and never make mistakes...

pixelsword4044d ago

If I may dust off an old chestnut...


darren_poolies4044d ago

*couldn't care less

It infuriates me how many people get that wrong.

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fermcr4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Ir makes no sense putting a light bar tracking device on the PS4 controller, if the PS4 doesn't come bundled with the Eye Camera. Why put that tracking device on ALL controllers, if only a selected few that buy the Eye camera are going to use the technology. That's just wasting money... it's a bad economical business decision.