Xbox One: This is how Microsoft should have approached DRM and game sharing

Microsoft's controversial Xbox One DRM features could have been handled much differently. Here's what Microsoft should have done.

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pat_11_51943d ago

Apparently they really could just flip a switch and change everything? I like Major Nelson and I get that he was just doing his job, but this made him look pretty bad.

Argus91943d ago

I'll at least give Major Nelson this: he took it in stride. It would have been SO easy for him to try to explain his way out of it, but he owned it and tried to have fun with it. He's got my respect for that.

InTheLab1943d ago

He got caught lying and has your respect?

Argus91942d ago

Well true, maybe 'respect' isn't the word. But still, it says something that he owned up to getting caught and didn't try to dig himself a deeper hole like Microsoft seems to be trying to do.

RandomDude6551943d ago

I wonder how much money they spent on developing the DRM system. Money straight down the drain, which could have been used elsewhere.

3-4-51943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

It's his own fault for lying.

They told him to lie...he could have said no....and been fired...but he could have said no.

doubt he would have been out of work long.

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lifesanrpg1943d ago

Whoever is in charge of Microsoft's PR should really be fired. They have handled this entire situation poorly, and most of it has been directly pointed towards Major Nelson. Granted, he's kind of the "face" of the Xbox, but what else was he supposed to say throughout this entire process?

famoussasjohn1943d ago

Agreed. It's just been one cluster after another. The removal of DRM was a nice change for once. Now the backwards compatibility of headsets via adapter is good (well, better than being rendered useless anyways).

pat_11_51943d ago

I agree. He was just doing his job.

Doctoglethorpe1943d ago

Stopped reading at "not much different then steam."

Because Steam doesn't have an offline mode that can operate virtually indefinitely, but rather forces you to check in online every day cause obviously your probably a peg leg. Because Steam forces you to pay your own money to put a camera in your room so they can evaluate your habits like a lab rat.

Yep. I'm not tired of hearing this claim, Xbox One was going to be just like Steam and its all our fault we lost that now.

wishingW3L1943d ago

not to mention Steam is free and the online play is free too and much better.

Roper3161943d ago

They should have said..While we understand the need for DRM here at MS that is not how we do things our customer and their rights come first and foremost.

But what did we get? This is how it is DEAL WITH IT, you can buy our product but you won't actually own it and we can kill it at anytime if you don't check in with us.

All's MS did was lose a customer for their Xbox brand with me because even though they were forced to change their DRM policies I know how they are thinking and I have no doubt that it will be all patched back in with a mandatory system update with a new TOS that says... EFF you from everyone here at MS we got what we wanted now and there is nothing you can do about it.

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