Activision: Console market shrinking is still 'a big if', consoles have 'staying power'

Activision says that they don't see the home console market shrinking anytime soon despite many people saying it will shrink due to things like the popularity of mobile/tablet gaming.

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UNGR1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Well when you have millions of sheep that buy your crap every year I'd imagine that Activision would be here to stay. It's not like they'll have financial problems any time soon, they have the 2 highest grossing modern franchises under their belt. Of course this is a very different story for any developer/publisher that's smaller than they are, THQ for instance.

JBSleek1938d ago

All I'm wondering is why when people legitimately like CoD they are labeled sheep. I particularly don't care for CoD but always found it kinda funny that people can't like their respective games without someone calling them out on it.

You may think it's crap and it very well could he but that's just an opinion.

UNGR1938d ago

By pure definition of quality, the innovation we see with other titles, and at the least attempted advancement in every other sequel to exist, Call of Duty does not progress. They can't even put servers in the game. People who genuinely like the game have no taste, or have no brain. I could list 30 shooters off the top of my head that are all better than Call of Duty, I can list hundreds of games from multiple genres that are better than Call of Duty. It was a decent arcade shooter, that all stopped after MW2, even then a $60 price point was never justified. No Call of duty game warrants a full retail release with the shear amount of bugs, and unbalanced gameplay implemented into it. It's not an opinion, Call of Duty is crap, deal with it.

BattleAxe1938d ago

Its not about "having no brain". Not everyone who plays CoD is a hardcore gamer always looking for that technical leap, and many people like the fact that the Cod series is generally predictable, because they know what they are going to get.

My best friend is married, has kids and doesn't have the time he used to, to invest in buying and playing all kinds of different games. He really only plays CoD these days because its all he has time for, and because he enjoys the fast action. He can log onto Cod, and play a few quick rounds before he goes to bed, because he has to get up early in the morning.

JBSleek1938d ago

Love your points but let me push back some if I may.

This list of games on the top of the head is just an opinion so the list is arbitrary. Also we have to compare it to military shooters because a comparison to Borderlands is kinda weird.

Of course you are entitled to your opinion but it annoys me when opinions are touted as facts that we find to be universally true. Just saying my friend no harm or foul.

Triforce0791938d ago

Why use a white wiiu console when its the black one thats the main colour ???

Confickercrash1938d ago

The only time the console market will start to shrink is when console developers begin to take cues from mobile developers. And that is excesively catering to the casual market. IMO the console market is narrowing because companies can't afford to take risks; look at the Wii U for example, in this economic climate. Console experiences will always be superior to mobile gaming, but only as long as it's done right.

Mr_Nuts1938d ago

Not like they use consoles power to their full advantage anyway

BattleAxe1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Well unfortunately I have to agree with Activision. Both Sony and Microsoft have really damaged their trust with consumers in regards to backwards compatibility from the PS2/Xbox going into the PS3/Xbox 360, and now again with the PS3/Xbox 360 going into the PS4/Xbox One era.

Older gamers such as myself, are tired of going through this each generation. If you're a younger gamer in your teens or your early 20's, you haven't been burned repeatedly enough yet to really give a crap.

I also read today that the PSN will be using real names instead of your PSN name, which is a huge blow to personal privacy. You add in the fact that now whether you game on Xbox One or Playstation 4 that you must pay to play online, and you begin to see why the console market is shrinking. I still have a day one pre-order at EB Games for a PS4, but I'm really not very excited anymore. The only reason I would buy the new console would be for just a handful of games like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son. My PC is about to take over the bulk of my gaming hobby.

KingWookiee1938d ago

What does BC have to do with trust? Do you know how much a PS4 would cost if it were to include this? GaiKai is the next best thing and you have a choice to use your name as the PSN id. The console market is far from shrinking.

BattleAxe1938d ago (Edited 1938d ago )

Backwards compatibility has quite a bit to do with trust. For example, I trusted that I would have access to my digital downloads on Sony's next console, and obviously we now know that isn't happening.

I made a decision to go with mostly digital downloads this generation, thinking that Sony would carry everything forward, kind of like a Steam account on PC...was I ever wrong. I have around 35 games on my PSN account, along with a ton of DLC for many games, and this all adds up to hundreds of dollars from 2007 when I bought my PS3, through to today.

So, while I can keep my PS3 and keep playing my games, it actually destroys my 'collection' of games, because once Sony decides to shut down the Playstation Store for the PS3, I won't be able to re-download anything, and as I'm sure you know, hard drives can fail, and if that happens, then my 35 or so games are gone for good. But hey, I can always pay for a subscription with Gaikai to play all of the games that I have already bought and paid for.

Theres absolutely no way that I will ever buy a digital version of a game for consoles ever again, because there is no residual value in doing that. At least on PC, I'll be able to play my games for many years to come, on any number of PC's.

But at the end of the day, if you don't care, then you don't care, and that's up to you.

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