Why Super Mario 3D World Soars Above Galaxy as a 3D Mario Experience

GenGAME writes: "Ever since the announcement of Super Mario 3D World during Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation, I’ve seen a lot of discontent from a lot of people, mostly revolving around the fact that 3D World is a follow-up to 2011′s Super Mario 3D Land rather than a totally new concept featuring more open 3D worlds, akin to Super Mario 64 or the much-loved Galaxy in scope and ambition. As a result, I get the impression that people believe that 3D World can’t possibly measure up to Galaxy.

"What I’ve seen and played, however, suggests that 3D World does a good job at expanding on both the more classic Mario elements first brought into 3D in 3D Land as well as the more whimsical and creative level ideas introduced in Galaxy. The game seems so far like it’s shaping up to be the most well-crafted fan-focused 3D Super Mario title in history."

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legendoflex1941d ago

I don't think it can be overstated: 3D Land was a GREAT direction for the series, but held back by being the first 3D Mario built from the ground up for a handheld. I think 3D World will give the 3D Land direction the big budget, ambitious boost it should have had in the first place. 3D Mario's coming home, folks.

3-4-51940d ago

It's the closest thing we've had to Mario 64-2.....this is why people like it.

All we want is Super Mario 64-2

I guess I can't speak for all, but would anybody really not want that game ?

Galaxy is awesome but the worlds are too small and non memorable compared to Mario 64's levels/worlds/paintings.

Qrphe1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

The 3D Land games have been relatively linear and 3D World looks to go the same route so I wouldn't compare it to M64. Sunshine was that if anything.

_QQ_1940d ago

This game has Allot of potential.

TheEvilWithin1940d ago

I played this and loved it! So good! I kind of liked it more then Galaxy just because I could understand the levels a lot more. In Galaxy the levels were all over the place and spinning and doing all kinds of weird things. I do like Galaxy I just feel like this might be a smarter idea for Nintendo right now.

Dno1940d ago

No online? Nintendo will always be stuck in the 90s and so will their sales. I hardly no a 4 player game that doesn't have online these days

Summons751940d ago

I'll always prefer playing Mario or any multiplayer sitting side by side with my friends. Socialize, hangout, joke, drink, always a good time. Online coop and multiplayer takes that all away, too bad kids these will never get to truly experience that.

PopRocks3591940d ago

While I agree that local multiplayer is much better, some people just don't have that choice. Having the option does NOT hurt the experience and Nintendo has very little excuse to leave it out at this point.

N4g_null1940d ago

Some people don't have the internet also... remember the Xbox complaints? Plus to people would try to ruin your fun.

_QQ_1940d ago

Some of this game's multiplayer features actually require team work and cooperation, like the dinosaur raft shown, all players affect the direction it moves which means you have to collaborate to make sure everyone turns the correct way, This sort of Online multiplayer isn't suited too well for consoles.

Dno1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

hqhahahahahha lol funny. ever played LBP? or any game released in the last ten years? they have done this game 4 million times before and it has had online.

Nintendo is lazy

_QQ_1940d ago

I have actually played both LBPs, It Actually supports my statement,Whenever you play online 90% of the people just run through the level,assuming you don't get massive lag, The only time you ever need to cooperate is when you want to grab all the items in the level, The only time i played LBP Co op was when my friends came over,other wise it would be a mess online.The only good thing about LBP's online was playing other peoples levels or going into someones pod and fucking it up with stickers.

This Mario game obviously doesn't have a level builder,so although Online would be a nice feature i doubt it will be missed by many,other than sony/xboxfanboys looking to make a big deal out of it.Plus Mario past 3D Mario games have been amazing and are the highest ranked games on Meta critic,This game will be amazing either way,The co op itself is an extra feature.I doubt you have or will ever have a WiiU so idk why you care.

Triforce0791940d ago

It doesn't need it not all games need it are you just dumb m8.

Dno1940d ago

you only have Nintendo systems don't you?

If anybody here thinks online is a feature Nintendo does not need you are a tool. Mario kart, Smash bros all have online. are you gonna tell me that if they didn't you would be ok with it?

Its no wonder Nintendo systems are crap compared to ps4 and xb1 cause the fans want this crap.

R00bot1940d ago

And I think games that don't have local multiplayer are stuck in the 90s. Mario 3D World does. Just putting it out there.

_QQ_1940d ago

The Only 4 player online co op games that work like a hot knife cutting butter are mostly PC titles because how easy communication is.

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NiteX1940d ago

While I have no experience with the 3DS game, I thought this new one seemed severely lacking compared to both the Galaxy games. But seeing how I never played the 3DS game I can't really say. I don't really understand why they threw the 3D title in this game, seeing how it's not a 3DS title.

legendoflex1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

To emphasize its use of the 3D Land-style approach to gameplay. I can agree that it's a really lame name, though, just like 3D Land was.

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