Xbox One: Did We Really Lose Any Awesome New Features?

Microsoft's reversal on its Xbox One DRM policy removed a few pieces of functionality from the upcoming console, including family sharing. Did we lose anything important?

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zeal0us1939d ago

Family sharing plan at best sound like "your family/friends can play you games but with limited access." No way publishers would allow up to 10 people get their game for free with some form of payment. Who knows maybe MS was footing bill or the family sharing really was just smoke and mirrors.

Then there's the cloud gaming, aka I can play my games on any console. If I'm going to a relative place for a week or two I'm bringing my console with me no matter how much of a hassle it is to pack the console.

If MS still wanted to they can allow they features be for the digital only titles.

dethpuck1939d ago

Yes we did the cry baby's won. Now all they have to complain about is the price headsets and kinnect.

Jakens1939d ago

Now all they have to complain about is...

Not too shabby then...

I say they can deal with it.

What a great system MS has this time out. So happy.