Former SOCOM Creator Unveils H-Hour: World's Elite for PS4 on Kickstarter

If we're to pinpoint one genre of video game that has really expanded its scope throughout the generation, it would be shooters. According to a new project on Kickstarter, the creative director of the original SOCOM titles is looking to bring a new shooter to the PlayStation 4, titled H-Hour: World's Elite, which will have a strong focus on authenticity and real world experiences.

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xPREDICTIONx2950d ago

If you were a fan of the PS2 SOCOMs, then look no further. Your prayers have been answered.

first1NFANTRY2950d ago

never really played any of the soccom games sadly but i'll def check this out if it gets released.

RumbleFish2950d ago

I'm allready in with $50. They defintely deserve their chance to show, what they've got.

ssj272949d ago

you should back this up.. you will not regret it.. this will be the most meaningful multiplayer game to play.. all you got to do is fit into a clan who will later become good friends for life...

also run your voice and make your friends bak this baby up!

WalterWJR2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Socom ran my life for for the best part of high school for me. My grades definitely took a hit because of this game and I regret none of it.

My dad hooked me up with an ethernet cable running through the loft and down into my room just to play this game. It was magic to be able to play online in those days, when socom bundled in the modem it changed everything.


FourtyPoundSteak2949d ago

I agree 100%. I played Socom waaaay too much. No regrets. Socom days were the best online experiences ive had to date. Cant wait to get that feeling back.

titletownrelo2950d ago

is it exclusive to Playtation?

harbie2950d ago

PS4 & PC only for now. They said they may investigate other platforms in the future.

titletownrelo2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

I pledged 40 dollars, sounds like a great game!

Enzo2950d ago

I hope they make it exclusive to PS4, mainly so we can have a concentrated user base on one system. If they can make a cross battle between consoles and pc, then by all means go right ahead.

For some reason though I believe Sears baby (SOCOM) solely belongs to the PS franchise. Remember when SOCOM2 and Halo 1 were going head to head for online battle supremacy?

DEEBO2950d ago

wow! sony needs to just give the money,last of us has the no respawn mode but man socom on the ps4.

Moncole2950d ago

Seeing how they did a kickstarter it looks like they didnt want any kind of publisher helping them.

StockpileTom2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

The Kickstarter is being used to fund a demo to show to publishers while simultaneously proving to publishers that there is high interest in the concept as is.

The more that is pledged the more likely a publisher will give them a large budget to work with while having minimal manager oversight (those managers...they ruin games)

They want the AAA financial backing of a publisher without the interference and corruption of the design.

PR_FROM_OHIO2950d ago

Sony better help these guys out!! It sounds like a true Socom game for the PS4!! I want this game now lol!!

Godmars2902950d ago

How exactly was SOCOM different from other shooters in its day? How will will similarities to it make it different now?

Also have to ask why Sony isn't picking it since the kickstarter is so specific.

arkard2950d ago

Socom was the best shooter ever! No respawn, no perks, all guns were available to everyone from the start. Maps were no symmetrical and made winning all that more rewarding. Didn't have a mic, you were voted out. Cheating, voted out. Using a grenade launcher you were votes out! Most intense games I've ever played online and the most fun!

SoapShoes2950d ago

Most importantly no regenerating health!

Tony-Red-Grave2950d ago

i never understood why people were voted out for not having mics :/. I use to play socom confrontation and was good at following orders/calling out a hot gun (using the commands) but would get voted out no matter how good i did

mopground2949d ago (Edited 2949d ago )

voting out for no mics was stupid and started in confrontation not 1and 2

WeAreLegion2950d ago

Because it's freaking hardcore. It's for those players who rely on tactics and skill, instead of "right place, right time".

FourtyPoundSteak2949d ago

SOCOM is a lifestyle. Once you've experienced the prime of Socom 1+2, everything else just feels incomplete. To this day, I have not had a feeling like I did with Socom. It is single handily the greatest shooter of all time. With exceptions to confrontation and s4.

arkard2949d ago

@mopground Voting out because of mics was definitely in Socom 1 and didn't see it much because almost everyone had mics.

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