Painkiller Hell And Damnation Review - XCLANN

Painkiller offered players tremendous weapons and fast gameplay on the PC, but with this remake and transition to console would we be let down? Many games have tried to cross platforms in the past and failed mainly due to control issues. One thing is for sure, Painkiller is an old school style FPS and may not sit well with some generations of gamers, but for old farts like me it is definitely one game that helped transform a genre giving rise to the popularity of FPS’s today. This remake combines the two previous Painkiller games into one.

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OneAboveAll2033d ago

This game will not sell. Poor voice acting and it's an arena style shooter. Arena shooters just aren't popular anymore.

XCLANN2033d ago

It will hit home with a certain generation like me I think, and for the price it is, you get a lot for your money. It's half the price of a normal release.

brianunfried2033d ago

I'll get it, its only $29.99. I miss this style of shooter, looks like a combination of Doom, Unreal Tournament and Quake.

XCLANN2033d ago

Yeah it definitely is with some awesome weapons and plays like Unreal and Quake online.

brianunfried2033d ago

Love crazy weapons with alternate fire modes, don't see those much anymore. Forgot FPS games used to have unlimited inventory, can't wait. Also like any game with a demonic heavy metal vibe.

XCLANN2033d ago

@brianunfried Well then this game is just perfect for you as the music, demons and down right slaughter are glorious.

project_pat362033d ago

this game is seriously stupid.. played it on pc last year and while the graphics are pretty "vivid" its nothing worth throwing your money at.. seems like a rip off of shadows of the damned. and that's not saying a whole lot..